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  1. If your are planning on going to Halloween Haunt this year or ever, be aware of the crowds. I went this past friday night 7pm-1am and went through every haunted attraction by 12:30am. It was very fun and the lines were very reasonable. I also went on saturday and it was nothing short of dissapointing. I arrived at the park at about 3:00 and stayed until 1:00am. I went through 2 haunted attractions about 2 hour wait for both and rode the Beast 2 1/2 hour wait and for The Diamondback I waited 3hrs and 15 min. By the time that was over with the park was closing. Halloween Haunt is a fun event jus
  2. Does anybody know what day the park will open for the 2009 season?
  3. If they ever do add anoth drop ride it will be the same height or less, being right next to the SDF airport does not allow anything over 200FT for SFKK which is not a good thing, to be honest the SFKK location is terrible, SF only owns about 20% of the land and the other 80% is leased from the Kentucky Stair Fairgrounds..Thats another reason why they loose so much money so fast. SFKK sees 0% of the money you pay to park in the parking lot, it is ran by the fairgrounds. In all reality the only park of the park that SF owns is the waterpark.. I will try my best to get pictures and video of t
  4. I work at the park and from what I have been told by the park president and other officials The Superman Tower Of Power is scheduled for removal on Febuary 1 2008. I will keep this updated as I know more information. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer or find the answer a.s.a.p.
  5. it must take them awhile to get the park ready for halloween haunt..isnt it kinda early to start puttin stuff out?
  6. when do you think they'll have the website updated? almost everything still says coming soon...
  7. come on now, you know keelboats were a little better than trtr
  8. they should just put the keel boats log ride back, trtr sucks
  9. on the official page it says escape route and show a pic of the map..whats that about?
  10. ^there you go! I'll donate some money lol
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