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  1. I'll be praying for you!

  2. The Big Dipper will remain. It's an ACE Classic right?
  3. Racer 10 Firehawk 10 Beast 11 Top Gun 9 Fairly Odd Coaster 10 Adventure Express 10 Son of Beast 10 Little Bill's Giggle Coaster 11 Face/Off 9 Vortex 10 Flight of Fear 11 Italian Job Stunt Track 9 Rugrats Runaway Reptar 10
  4. Apollo's Chariot probably still owns. I prefer it to SheiKra.
  5. It was worth visiting once. If I had a choice I would chose Africa.
  6. I rode Maverick back row today and it shook like crazy the whole time. Even going up the "smooth" lift hill. It was odd for such a new coaster.
  7. False? It was melted down. And I drank Pepsi out of it earlier today.
  8. ttdmfwtm


    I was always scared I was going to fall out when I rode it as X-Flight. I would always pull tight and try to hold myself in. But now-a-days I just hang. Put my hands out and fully trust the harness. That makes for a much more enjoyable ride.
  9. ttdmfwtm

    SOB Bad Luck

    And you still don't need to quote the person right above you. But that gave me a chuckle and got me thinking. Why choose SoB for a 13th coaster?
  10. There is a new video in our video section with various shots of Firehawk and other rides throughout the park. Also, there are a few more Firehawk photos in the gallery.
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