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  1. Santas Village in East Dundee IL is to remain open after uncertainty in the off season about a sell off for condo buildings. Read more here. SantasVillage
  2. Did anyone think thats why Siebert left because he knew this was coming and was afraid of the management changes? Just a thought.
  3. Im not so sure I really want to see that guy around anymore anyway, it never did much for me to see him in advertisements, and kind of got irritating seeing him all over the place all the time in the park anyway.
  4. Iron Dragon isnt that bad, its a good ride to get on when the lines are long on the other ones and you just want to ride something instead of waiting too long.. its not on any of my lists of top coasters though.
  5. Thats a great acheivement. Congrats to PKI.
  6. I just get aggravated because I never made it out to try the rides and It always comes down to where the park just isnt happy with the money being made so they just close it to save themselves the trouble of dealing with it.
  7. Looks like the board members didnt want to keep this one going. News Story
  8. I can see a flame coming now on that one.
  9. Ride Mforce and Raptor for sure, Mantis is very rough on the head, Wicked Twister is a big favorite of mine but im an impulse fan. Dragster is done for the season so no go there, and finally make sure you get a couple of rides on the Magnum and Gemini. If you can get those in youll be getting on the better rides of the park.
  10. we were hoping maybe St Louis would of got one since that park hasnt had anything new in years since Boss opened.
  11. Thats a really cool idea. Can you shoot the website address over to my email. Id like to do that for my site too as well as get one for yours. Thanks Email it to nick@midwestcoastermadness.com if you can
  12. its just a regular design flat. I havent been to PKIs yet but Cedar Points doesnt look too bad. Ill ride both of course. Its nice to have more than one around though. Different parks and different atmospheres. So I dont really think theres any rip offs there.
  13. They must be spending a lot of money to rent it, usually parks only close down to private firms during the early season when its slow or at the end.
  14. That would be a great addition to the park area. Something to look forward to.
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