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  1. kong fu guy

    Gun at PKI!

    I have been banned for this post! Yay! :lol:
  2. kong fu guy

    I am coming to PKI

    Good for you have fun. I hope you don't hurt yourself on SOB.
  3. kong fu guy

    Should Cedarpoint imitate the Delirium?

    This is another stupid post that doesnt need to be talk about.
  4. kong fu guy

    What about having a mega coaster built?

    LOL I love those rides^. I hope we get one.
  5. kong fu guy

    For a fact(new roller coaster)

    I'll ask you a qestion if you get married and on your 40th anv. what would you do...I would get her a diamand ring and take her out to red lobster. Now think of it like PKI does what we get the park...A roller coaster or a new area.
  6. kong fu guy

    For a fact(new roller coaster)

    OMG>>>I just got the biggest hint in my life if this year is there 35th anv....in 5 more years they are probly planing the best coaster in the world I mean comon they have to build the best coaster in the world on a certin date or time(40th anv.)
  7. kong fu guy

    For a fact(new roller coaster)

    no its for real.
  8. kong fu guy

    For a fact(new roller coaster)

    Ya the new types of coasters coming out and new huss rides should be pretty cool....did you hear they now have a tower(V5 TOWER) and it has seats like duhlee and it falls and then it does loops and stuff like that and the track is the tower and when it hits the top thats when it does loops. Theres a new type of coaster out there call a Saw coaster were the seats are like a saw shape and they roll on the outside of the tack and now they got those new LIM coasters were the coaster is inside the track and the loops and twist are a whole differnt exprince and they have created rides were the seats can drop from the coaster train while moveing and the newest ride out there is a ride were the train is 5 ft from the track and it wheels and all you can see is the themeing that the ride is put into and it feels like your going so fast but really your going 55mph(high powerd fans). They have a coaster train were the people in it can take up to 8gs because of the shape of the coaster and the seats are 50 degrees layed back and the track is the shape of a flat but dagged steel frame.
  9. kong fu guy

    For a fact(new roller coaster)

    All I heard was that a jump3 can go upside down and the seats swing freely..And its probly is a bigger version than a jump2.
  10. kong fu guy

    For a fact(new roller coaster)

    Hey that might be it..the huss rides are like jump2 and something like a upgraded huss ride call jump3?? were the cars go upside down and that it swings freely.
  11. kong fu guy

    For a fact(new roller coaster)

    Ok this is for a fact that pki is geting a new coaster in 2007...I heard jeff talking to some one starting 07 consturcting in the fall of 05...Something about a mountain and a LIM coaster and a new area were the coaster will be located. then i heard about some huss rides comeing in and new shops and games.
  12. kong fu guy

    TR: PCW June 16th 2005

    Im glad you had a fun time :)
  13. kong fu guy

    BeastBuzz Photo Update - First Round Posted

    Dude I love those pics. ty for sending them.
  14. kong fu guy

    Stuck on IJST

    OK..ok..I see your point ,but I got stuck vortex breakes before the corkscrew but I didn't mind as long as the ride got to the station.
  15. kong fu guy

    Stuck on IJST

    Well if you get stuck on the beast hill would they give you another ride??NO. Just because you got stuck on a ride doesnt mean they have to give you another ride.