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  1. This got me to login and post. (That takes alot) I give a high-five to KI for doing this. Fearfest/ HH has always been for the tweens and their parents. This makes it an actual draw for the people who may actually want to be scared.
  2. HOYS

    See Paul and Don in DB video.

    Thats what they all say.
  3. HOYS

    See Paul and Don in DB video.

    Are you balding Don?
  4. HOYS

    Random water tower at action zone?

    I don't think you will ever see any amount of theming like that at Kings Island now that Cedar Fair owns it.
  5. HOYS

    Diamondback's train arrival

    The train would be loaded from the actual track section that is the transfer track. (The opposite end of the storage area from where you pointed out) Notice the gates near the object you pointed out? I don't think they move.
  6. Most of the B&M rides ever built keep their trains under literal "wraps" until they are ready to start G-Force testing. Its rare to see the clearance car pulled through the circuit...which I would like to see in person...
  7. HOYS

    Official Rivertown Construction Thread

    http://www.kiextreme.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-4870 ... http://www.rcdb.com/ig3290.htm?picture=6 ding! (I LIVE!)
  8. HOYS

    Action Zone Flood

    Read my PM klock.
  9. HOYS

    Action Zone Flood

    ...wait...Klockster still posts here? Well I guess I should look at who is talking...
  10. HOYS

    FOF Queue

    I loved the blackouts. Its all part of the theme. If you run into those when it is dark...stop walking.
  11. HOYS

    New Thrill Ride in 2008?

    Honestly, the season just started. Worry about new rides in the offseason.
  12. HOYS

    Kings Island transportation continues.

    On the local radio station, 103.9 The X the disc jocky was talking about the bus service being cancled I emailed him this article with some other comments of Cedar Fair's running of the park. I didnt hear this but a friend at school told me that the disc jocky commented on me emailing him and KIExtreme was mentioned on the station and on several stations around the country along with my name. Awsome eh?
  13. Didnt happen to see Beavercreek Marching Band whilst you were down yonder?
  14. HOYS

    Firehawk Goes Vertical! March 7, 2007

    http://multimedia.pki.com/images/news/CIMG1368_mc3.JPG This Picture: Supports of Helix in foreground Ref: click here http://multimedia.pki.com/images/news/CIMG1366_mc3.JPG This Picture: Supports of Lie-to-Fly out of loop. Ref:Click here Proof that it isn't supports for the lift: http://hoys.extremepki.com/gallery/albums/...ni-IMG_3294.JPG
  15. HOYS

    Knott's Berry Farm new ride

    It looks like there is no room, but there is defiantly lots of room to expand. The only problem is that for them to do that they will have to take down lots of vegetation in the Snoopy area which I thought really made it look nice.