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  1. Well, it's not uncommon for new attractions to have frequent downtime.
  2. The construction site is huge, it extends over an unused lake towards the back corner of the park. It is most definitely a coaster.
  3. Due to TR:TR's massive size compared to other Top Spin style attractions, I highly doubt that is what they're doing. But it would be awesome though.
  4. I like the idea of the ride videos, but I hope they start installing these on flat rides instead of just coasters. At Wonderland the feature was added last year to Top Gun and this year they added it to Vortex. As for KI, what other rides have this system?
  5. Just throwing this out there, but maybe they're doing an in depth inspection after operating for two weeks just to see how the ride is holding up, to insure that what happened a year back won't happen again.
  6. To respond to Hendrick, we didn't get any new ride last year. We were suppose to get PKD's FoF in place of our Skylab but then Cedar Fair intervened and they changed the plans. We also didn't get a new ride the year before. Hopefully this coaster will be good enough to make up for that.
  7. I believe all the models run only one train. I always wondered why it didn't run two as well. But I ALSO wondered why the trains weren't suspended swinging trains, especially since the coaster doesn't make any loops.
  8. IMO, that theme could work out quite well since it's in a forested area. I never quite found the Top Gun theme to suit KI's Top Gun, except for maybe the swinging aspect.
  9. Weird that all of the Drop Zones have closed down. I was working at Wonderland last night and I noticed that our Drop Zone had reopened.
  10. Flight of Fear October 2005. A weird but exciting start.
  11. Yes, with Italian Job. However updates were less frequent.
  12. Meh, Wonderland uses your Vortex logo, but with suspended cars replaced by the looper ones. It's not really that big a deal and no one really notices, but the colours of the track are from your Vortex, and not ours. (Kevin Reid; PCW Junkies)
  13. Eeeewwww.... The colours are a bit of a turn-off. But, as long as the coaster is fun, it shouldn't matter too much.
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