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  1. I like the idea of the red baron. Instead of a big dinosaur have a big red baron out front. I also would like to see the log ride renamed to PIG PEN'S Splash Down!
  2. I went to Kings Island yesterday with my friend and we had a pretty good time.We spent the majority of the day at the water park and had a blast.The park seemed nice to me.I liked the atmosphere better without all the paramount signs everywhere.We are not big coaster fans so we hit the slides.They all seemed pretty fast especially the Down Under thunder.I went down that thing like a bullet.I hit the water so hard my legs hurt the rest of the day.But it was awesome.I wish I would have taken more money so I could have got some Fries and a beer or a slice of Pizza!We took a cooler! Oh well still had a good time.The only negative things I would say was the awful horse manure smell on the train ride back to the water park.Is the clearing back there for the new coaster or another ride? It started to rain 7 but they shut the rides down at like 615.We went to ride the racer and adventure express and couldnt.The rain got heavy and the wind was horrible.It also seemed to me that SOB and flight deck wasnt even running. Doesnt matter I wouldnt ride them but I love to watch them!I had a great time except for the sun burn.I am also hooked on the wacky wire game! I will win at that before the year is over. I probably wont be back until halloween do to my busy schedule! I still like Kings Island better then any other park and I have been to alot!
  3. I always wanted to work at kings island is it fun to work there? When I was a kid I wished I lived closer so I could work there! I live exactly one hundred miles away.I applied there last year to be head of security and was called right away for an interview but with gas as high as it is I didnt think it would be worth it! Where is the best place to work in the park?what ride? do alot of park goers flirt with you?any good stories? It just seems like it would be so cool to work there!
  4. I would be worried that my leg would get caught in the ride and get dragged under the water well that and im not stupid! Its just a hat,buy another one!
  5. I have roller coaster tycoon 3 gold edition new in the box for sale for 20 dollars PLUS the small shipping fee anyone interested email me at jaminsvaughn@yahoo.com
  6. man that stinks chaos is a great ride and so is the galaxi! How about a wild mouse roller coaster and put it in the area formerly known as hanna barbera land!
  7. they said alot of stuff from the park was sold off at auction or bought by a private buyer. The rollercoasters that were brought in by six flags were gone by 06 you can learn alot about the park by typing in old indiana fun park on google.com or going to www.rcdb.com but i dont think they are too many stories about the train!except about the incident! I enjoyed old indiana as i live an hour and half from the park. I went there alot as a kid I have alot of memories from there --They say that the buildings still stand on the park grounds --Its a shame that noone had the interest to keep a park going there its in a great spot!
  8. I loved riding the kentons cove keelboat canal--or as my uncle called it THE BIG LOG RIDE! I remember being so scared while I was on it and so he sat in the front and I would hold onto his shoulders as we plunged down into the cool water!So many great memories of that place I remember we took my son on his first trip last year and he had a blast riding all he could because he was only 5 at the time He liked me liked the water rides and the water park alot! Plus is it me or does it seem someway to rain every time i go to the park especially in the morning on the 100 mile drive from New Castle ,Indiana to Kings Island!Then it clears up in time to spend a few hours at the water park! I remeber one time late in the day it started getting dark and cloudy and thundering but not raining and then we left the park and went to eat(when the park closed) and as soon as we got into the restaurant it started pouring down rain! Too Cool!
  9. Does anyone have any favorite memories from the park?Rides,Smells,People,Dating,Marriages or proposals?Childhood memories?Annual trips the same time each year? I will start it off I already mentioned one memory about a girl and myself on phantom theater but I live for the smell of larossa's pizza and the music playing and the sound of the water and color in the water at night !The taste of cookies and cream fudge in the fudge shop! The smell of white water canyon at dusk, The feeling you get when you stand at the beer stand by the vortex and pond and drink your 7 dollar budwieser as you watch people walk through.The sounds of people riding the last rides of the day as you are walking out and also Im almost 29 folks and I still get giddy on the fact as on most times Im walking out of the park and turning around a million times and looking back in aw I think to myself well time to get a late night bite to eat and go to the hotel because I get to do all of this over tomorrow! Wow Kings Island what a place--how could you not love it!
  10. I was creeped out my first trip on phantom theater because one it was dark and people told me how scary it was and i was like well i dont know if i want to go on it and then the next day at the park i went on it and it was cool and i loved it from then on it was on of my favorites! I actually rode with this girl who went to my school and we were friends and we were both a little scared and she held on to me the whole way through line on a hot summer night and held tighter when we actually got on the ride and it got darker! lets just say after the ride i got a kiss and a new girlfriend--such fond memories of the phantom theater--I remember alway trying to compare the Maestro to the skelton off of tales from the crypt and trying to see which one is actually the scariest of the two. I though have to admit that when you turn the corner and the CREEPER is looking at you it kind of freaks you out a little bit! but then like my kids were a little scared of scooby at first but when they kept hearing Shaggy and scooby talking they would giggle and enjoy it oh that and using the lasers to compete against each other helps as well.I liked phantom because it was a different kind of dark ride and the scenes were kind of way out there, They should of had more creepier scenes with the maestro and more of him talking! that would have been way cool --I liked the strongman scene as well as the evil rabbit coming out of the hat
  11. yeah i started to say the swinging ship at busch gardens in tampa----the phoenix? is pretty big and it goes upside down and hangs you there for what seems like an eternity. beware of fallling change though! it would be better if it was better themed and over water and not a flat concrete skid! my fav. flat rides---- phantom theater,the scrambler!
  12. my favorite rides are beast,gemini,fof,mangnum,ADVENTURE EXPRESS!!
  13. I went last year one time being on a tight budget myself -my wife, myself and 3 boys--we bought our tickets at a discount price through my employer which helped and then we stopped at walmart and bought some chicken and sides and some lunch meat chips and drinks! you can go out to your car as much as you want to eat or drink or whatever paying 50 bucks for food in the park is ridiculous ! go to a military store or online and buy a camel back that is used in the military you wear them like a small back pack and fill it with your favorite drink and take it in to the park i took mine in last year and nothing was said ! plus if you go to the fudge shop on international street you can get free samples of fudge that were pretty good sizes! you dont have to stay at any special place to go back to your car last year i went back and forth like 4 times and we were at the park open to close! but if you do spend money go to bubba gumps i thought it was worth the money!
  14. it stinks that you had a run in with the employees i thought that holiday world was great especially when you walk up to the front gate and pat koch welcomes you and thanks you for your patonage! i thought the park was like the state fair with rollercoasters and a water park but the water park is the best one around including kings island! and i think it is ridicuolus to have to pay to go to the water park(cedar point,dollywood). holiday world has a great atmosphere and is clean i wish holiday world was closer so i could get season passes .i think kings island should give away free drinks or something !instead of having high prices , high parking , big crowds , and an average water park!dont get me wrong i am a kings island nut and have been for 20 years, but i think ki could learn more from hw.
  15. it probably wont happen, any of it but it should, and i will take the inititave to send ideas in to the park!It should happen Kings Island is great and I think out of respect for the past this should be done and plus it would be really cool! like groovy man and far out dude! Even if they just did hanna barbera land just something how about just play old music?times are changing but nothing in this world is getting better!
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