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    PKI Recreations

    whats this filth in this kids adviator, ben? Never mind, thanks for deleting that, that kid should be banned or somthing !
  2. This sounds really fantastic.
  3. ill, it looks disgusting man, the cars look gay.
  4. Dude, i really don't think my body will be abke to fit in those cars, plus arent the tracks suppose to be yellow?
  5. i think gambling and parks should mix, like make it a resort ya know !
  6. Hell, universal should judt buy paramount out, ya know, they can always expand !
  7. It better be better than those haunted light house shows !
  8. moediaz


    sorry, i wasnt posting, was busy, man, but i'm back !
  9. moediaz


    Well, the site looks pretty good, the way it is, i'm thinking hmmm Different color scheme?
  10. moediaz


    yea, saw tom cruise at sixflags great adventure like 2 years ago, i was 5 rows behind him on the screammachine, at the end, i said hey tom out loud, he waved back and then put his hood on and walked away with outher people.
  11. wow, i never had dreams, except me owning it all, and having all the hot girls that visit, in my office for a special meeting !!,No i never had a dream, lol.
  12. moediaz

    Pki Xtreme

    lol, well let them be, probably there owner didnt have friends !
  13. moediaz


    Whats up, i'm a new mod here, hope yall like my service
  14. i have a question, how much did it cost to build the park in the begining?
  15. moediaz

    Glitch on PKI.com

    That is a cool, but very strange glitch there, lol
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