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  1. I don't even think they have their minds made up about the color so early. Do you think they have even the most minute details considered before construction begins?
  2. I always go up to Toronto to visit relatives and head up to Canada's Wonderland. Behemoth is going to be awesome.
  3. well getting in line for the beast the other day I noticed a large cleared out area behind tomb rai-err I mean "the crypt"
  4. yeah, I love how if they are trying to make the construction footer things inconspicuous by sitting gigantic potted plants upon them they're doing a terrible job lmao. I'm probably looking at it the wrong way though.
  5. ki was awesome today; much less crowded than I assumed it would be and I got to do everything I wanted ^_^
  6. I just hate how generic the new names sound. None of them have a ring; the names are just straight forward descriptions of the rides themselves. I'll still call the rides by their Paramount names and hope all of you do, too.
  7. yet another thing to add to my long list of disappointments this year...
  8. I bet the loop gets removed in in 2010
  9. But I loved the Forrest Gump theme :cry: such a good movie...
  10. I just wish they'd take away that full-stop break section 30 seconds in. total buzzkill.
  11. Seriously though, the wait is KILLING ME. I swear I must be going through withdrawal or something. Could someone violently beat me up so I feel like I just got off Son of Beast (back in the good ol days)? :P
  12. ...they took the lake and a useful path away?
  13. ...if they are willing to spend that much money on such a structure for the sake of building the world's tallest tower, imagine what they can be willing to do with a roller coaster :o
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