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    I think I may go to Rumblefest at Beech Bend that weekend instead.
  2. I am currently interning at Great Coasters International. Evan, the other intern, and myself have created this Blog website to give everyone some insight into working at GCI as well as seeing progress on the trains for GCI's new rides. Check it out. GCI Intern Blog
  3. I am currently interning at Great Coasters International. Evan, the other intern, and myself have created this Blog website to give everyone some insight into working at GCI as well as seeing progress on the trains for GCI's new rides. Check it out. Take a look at the pictures section to see brand new photos of Renegade. GCI Intern Site
  4. First, let me say that that video was hilarioius. And second, I will not be attending SOAR this year, but I will be at East coaster with GCI. To anyone going to East coaster, I would recommend stopping by our office with the tour on that Sunday after East coaster. I will be there giving the master tour of our shop. It should be a fun time. Definately worth going to.
  5. Well, yes I can tell you what GCI is doing. They have two new coasters coming in 2007. Renegade at Valleyfair and Currently unnanounced named coaster at Toverland. Actually the Toverland coaster has a name, but I am not allowed to release it yet. Those are the projects from GCI for 2007.
  6. I am not saying GCI is doing the work. Only that work is being done. As I have said before, just b/c I know work is being done does not mean GCI is doing the work. If I were you I would be expecting another company to do the work.
  7. I am co-oping for Great Coasters Internatinal in January. That is my credible souce.
  8. It would be so awesome if we could get back to the topic at hand. I mean that would be great. (Not to sound like an ass or anything.)
  9. I can tell you that "that" part of track that you are refering to is already repaired. The park is currently making modifications to a different area of track that will surprise some, but not others.
  10. There will be significant changes to Son of Beast. It should be ready to open by the beginning of 2007. People will be very surprised by the changes. Just be patient and you will all find out what I am talking about.
  11. TREX RAGE are we getting anything at all? That is all I ask. I am fearfull that KI may not be getting anything.
  12. Yeah, CP is pretty much the greatest park ever. I was up there the first friday in June for Costermania and let me say that Skyhawk is truely awesome. We got ERT in the morning on it and it was literally walk on all morning. I rode the crap out of that thing and let me just say that it is by far my favorite flat ride. It is just such an amazing experience. I am also headed to CP again on Friday and plan on riding it a crap ton then. Don't get me wrong though, Dragster and MF will also be ridden very much too.
  13. I have reason to believe that PKD's FoF MAY be removed and relocated to PC. FoF at PKD has been closed all season and it is rumored that PC is supposed to be getting an indoor coaster next year. Here is my point... IF PKD got rid of there FoF, why would PKI need to? And that rumor about the J2 is the dumbest thing ever. No offence. The area is not big enough for the ride. Well maybe JUST the ride. Not the entire footprint or the concrete footing or the que. Sorry, but just not physically possible. I think the space will become either another restaurant or a restaurant sitting area.
  14. Dude, I was there last year and the year before. Last years was ok, but two years ago was my favorite. I am glad they plan on bringing back the scavenger hunt.
  15. Here's my deal, where in the hell did you come up with the idea that IJST's track layout would have been used for Addams Family? They are two different concepts completely. Addams family would have had a vertical drop and would have probably been a vertical drop mouse coaster. If you remember the survey, there were two different ideas for each concept.
  16. I have a quick question. I haven't been on the forums lately, but I heard some news that PKI is not getting a kids coaster next year. I mean no roller coaster at all not even the rumored one themed to avatar. Is this true or not?
  17. I was just thinking, you know what would be a neat addition to PKI in 2006, having the stairwell effect work on IJ:ST! Damn you PKI!
  18. Here is how I am going to look at it. Next year, PKI's 35th anniversery, ACE CoasterCon is being hosted at PKI. This is ACE's biggest event. Not only that but it will be the 30th anniversery of CoasterCon. I think this will weigh in on PKI's decision. ACE CoasterCon @ PKI-30th PKI Anniversery-35th Just think about that.
  19. Apparently you were right behind my dad, my sister, and I when we did the behind the scenes tour of Psycho Path. We are in two or three of your photos.
  20. But I thought you said spongebob was coming to PKI in 06.
  21. Agreed. Either shut the hell up or get the hell off!
  22. Well, my dad, who is about forty, thinks Spongebob is hilarious. Spongebob is not for just little kids.
  23. Has the park set an official announcement date yet? When I was at Beastbuzz, Jeff was saying that an announcement would come in August, but it is September now, so does anyone know? 50th Post
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