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  1. That's freaking awesome TombRaider, you should see if you can pitch the idea to them or something, don't know how the heck you'd do that but still...great imagination man.
  2. I'm liking the sound of that one Geauga Dog!
  3. Do you mean turning the concept of The Beast and building a story based attraction for Fear Fest? Cause if so, I'm all for it.
  4. Welcome to the site, NewKIFan! I remember reading that book a loooooong time ago, and from what i remember it was about a couple of kids getting help from a ghost that haunted the ride...but could somebody refresh my memory?
  5. LOL I'm sorry but that face kills me every time i see it :lol:
  6. Same here, an absolutely brilliant ride...terrific theming as well.
  7. Ok thats what i was thinking because i was looking at the monorail path on one of the old brochures, and both of the areas looked slightly similar but who knows...
  8. Its funny you asked because I've been trying to find some video or something interesting to look at about this ride. Obviously, I was too young to have ever ridden it. Phantom Theater was my first of that area to ride. However, The Enchanted Voyage sounds fascinating. Ps. Sweet avatar Droid72!
  9. For anybody thats seen the official video on PKI.com, they intercut the cgi ride footage with scenes of flying over some cool scenery (stream, forestry stuff). Does anybody know if this is close to KI property or did they use footage from somewhere else? It looks awesome nonetheless.
  10. That Cincypost article was fantastic.
  11. Then how did they manage to keep in Scooby Doo and The Haunted Castle there? One thing thats always baffled me, is it simply because of a contract or what?
  12. This is fantastic, I guess we can say yes to the more militarized themeing expansion to Fort Cooper now?
  13. Yep, just now saw that! Logo looks awesome
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