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  1. ^ Don't forget that Drop Zone was down for around a month in the peak season of summer, and there where times when Delirium, Drop Zone, and SOB were out in Action Zone making it a pretty dead area of the park.
  2. So they would build a theme park between CP and Kings Island??? That doesn't seem like a good business plan to me. There have to be other markets out there without amusement parks that they could try this.
  3. Why is there a circle right in front of TR:TR that wouldn't make much sense.
  4. Wow cool Pics, didn't know that the Eagles had lights on them at one point
  5. Huh no mention of Kings Island :( Anyhow they say that they will put those days anywhere else on the calender year, while I would love to go to school much later in the year, I also don't want to be in school much after memorial day.
  6. FireHawk 9 Racer 10 Little Bill's Giggle Coaster 8 Face/Off 7 Vortex 10 Flight of Fear 11 Italian Job Stunt Track 8 Beast 12 Top Gun 12 Fairly Odd Coaster 10 Adventure Express 9 Son of Beast 11 Rugrats Runaway Reptar 11
  7. gamesguy08

    Top Gun

    Moving a coaster just 200 yards or so seems to be a bit of a waste when they would have to pour new footers,new station and reset all the computer and electrical things that go into a coaster and as Teenageninga top gun is built for the river terrain it has not the parking lot terrain flattness like Firehawk.
  8. I believe that it is the Floral Clock
  9. Not really it can be a little rough if you are spinning around a lot but normally the ride can be the smoothest in the park.
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