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  1. gamesguy08

    Kings Island Daily History Question of the Day

    48 ft. maybe your wrong
  2. gamesguy08

    New Ride Names

    ^ Don't forget that Drop Zone was down for around a month in the peak season of summer, and there where times when Delirium, Drop Zone, and SOB were out in Action Zone making it a pretty dead area of the park.
  3. gamesguy08

    KI 20 Questions

    Was it built after 2000?
  4. gamesguy08

    New Park in Dayton

    So they would build a theme park between CP and Kings Island??? That doesn't seem like a good business plan to me. There have to be other markets out there without amusement parks that they could try this.
  5. gamesguy08

    Comfirmed 2009 hyper at KI

    How does this confirm the ride?
  6. Why is there a circle right in front of TR:TR that wouldn't make much sense.
  7. gamesguy08

    Kings Island mid 70's

    Wow cool Pics, didn't know that the Eagles had lights on them at one point
  8. gamesguy08

    Bill Proposes Starting Ohio's School Year Later

    Huh no mention of Kings Island :( Anyhow they say that they will put those days anywhere else on the calender year, while I would love to go to school much later in the year, I also don't want to be in school much after memorial day.
  9. gamesguy08

    Kings Island Coaster Elimination Game

    FireHawk 9 Racer 10 Little Bill's Giggle Coaster 8 Face/Off 7 Vortex 10 Flight of Fear 11 Italian Job Stunt Track 8 Beast 12 Top Gun 12 Fairly Odd Coaster 10 Adventure Express 9 Son of Beast 11 Rugrats Runaway Reptar 11
  10. gamesguy08

    Top Gun

    Moving a coaster just 200 yards or so seems to be a bit of a waste when they would have to pour new footers,new station and reset all the computer and electrical things that go into a coaster and as Teenageninga top gun is built for the river terrain it has not the parking lot terrain flattness like Firehawk.
  11. gamesguy08

    Photo Twist

    I believe that it is the Floral Clock
  12. gamesguy08


    Not really it can be a little rough if you are spinning around a lot but normally the ride can be the smoothest in the park.