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  1. The Borg is an alien life form from "Star Trek: The Next Generation". They were featured in a few episodes of the series, but also in the movie "First Contact", which came out about 8-10 years ago. They are a nearly unstoppable (except by the Enterprise! ;) ) force who are half organic, half robot. They assimilate other life forms into their collective, hence ending that culture/life form. Ya really need to see the series/movie to fully understand. Anyway, they are pretty cool and you can see Borg Assimilator at Carowinds at rcdb.com. Also, google Borg and you'll get way more info than
  2. TRexRage1993: Sorry 'bout that Sport! Now I'm worried you're going to come crush my spine... :(
  3. CombatStupendous89: Thanks for explaining that. I wan't aware CBS had major plans for PKI before the buy-out. What's up with GL? Why are they having problems? The newspaper article mentions XF was GL most popular ride, so why remove it if the park is already suffering? (Not that I'm complaining...)
  4. Article says the first major steel coaster since Vortex, so SOB doesn't count. However, you're right - what about FoF and IJ:ST? She mentions IJ, but I guess since it's a milder ride she doesn't consider it a major coaster. FoF is inside, so I guess some people think it could be made of straw for all they know! Plus, F/O seems to be a pretty big deal - it's right at the front of the park and is quite fun! Not to rag on this reporter too much, but she mentions that the trains "flip over" half way up the lift hill. As pics of x-flight show, that "flip" happens just off the lift before t
  5. I predict, just as someone else (jorhawle maybe??) suggested, that it will be another Borg Assimilator. From what I can see from x flight pics at rcdb.com, it looks like there is room in the middle of the helix to place the Borg ship. Pretty cool, as I'm a ST-NG fan and the Borg is the best villian they've ever had.
  6. Again, just an awesome video - thanks for putting this up. Question: I remember just a bit about the tv commercial that KI aired in '81 for The Bat, and it vaguely resembled the opening of this video with the graveyard scene. Anybody else remember what I'm talking about? It also showed The Bat operating through fog, and had a voice-over that said something to the effect of "Kings Island, where Beasts, Bats and Demons lurk".
  7. Never mind, I got it to work. Wow, nice shots of the ol' Bat in action! Only got to ride it once, but at least in the front seat. The Bat heads on the front of the cars were so cool to an 11 year old - and still pretty cool to a 37 year old! Looks as though the cars were joined only on the track, not down at the car level. I thought other Arrow suspendeds were coupled at the track and the car level both????
  8. Well crap, I don't have the right software to play this at work. I'm not allowed to download software to this computer, and I only have dial-up at home. Can this be put into a different file type, something MediaPlayer will support? Thanks.
  9. /\ Carowinds already has a flying coaster, Borg. Don't think they'd get another.
  10. Can't get the link to work. I keep getting a "downloading from site" message but nothing ever happens. I usually have no trouble with video. Any ideas? I'm REALLY wanting to see this!! Thanks.
  11. Well I'm 6'2" and KC was still uncomfortable. As I said before, that bicycle seat was the problem. The worst parts were at the bottom of the first drop entering the loop, coming out at the bottom of the loop and the bunny hops at the end. Any big downward g's were rough on the "boys"! As to the ride ops, I always tried to bend my knees while they locked the restraints, but they always made me straighten up. I would ask for a little slack, but to no avail! :angry:
  12. jorhawle: This guy can't try the officers in a criminal suit. It's up to the DA in Mason to investigate and see if enough evidence exists of wrongdoing on the part of the officers in order to bring charges against them before a grand jury. If the grand jury agrees, the officers would then be indicted and therefore the case sent to jury trial.
  13. Scooby Doo became Beastie in 1980. It also got a tunnel at the bottom of the first hill.
  14. pki.com is currently running one day passes for $29.95 adult, $19.95 kids, good any day this coming season. That sounds good to me, but are better deals coming or already out there? Also, what happened to the two-day tickets - are they no longer available?
  15. "Cincinnati Kids" was filmed in 1973. And apparently Mike Brady was responsible for the Wild Animal Safari addition, as he was there to show plans for a "major" addition to the park!!
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