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  1. who wants to tell her that there is no more backwards racer?
  2. Where not geting another wave pool, we're geting something "new"
  3. Thats with the loop and old trains^ now the ride sucks.
  4. They should re-name it, the beastie is more rougher then it. How does Son Of Ferby sound.
  5. I miss the old trains and loop :( The trains were wicked cool. I like how they we're bucket seats. It was a very fun ride. I also miss the jerkyness. The ride should be called Son Of Ferby
  6. FOF has a corkscrew But the corkscrews on FOF are a heartline centered, while on Vortex they aren't. No, they are corkscrews..just look at the pictures of joker's jinx since it is an outdoor replica of flight of fear I know it's a corkscrew. But on the modern corkscrew, your heart is in the center of the corkscrew, which allows the lapbars. (Flight of Fear) But on the old corkscrew, your heart is not center, and cannot have lapbars. (Vortex) heartline Inverison is where the heart stays in the same place while the body is fliped 360 degrees. On fof your heart is not really in the middle but more like upper middle. Because the heart goes with the inverison. Note: FOF use to have OTSR
  7. because you know how A LOT of people will have their lap bar sorta lose to get the most air time???well if you don't have the feet restraints you would slip out(if small enough) unless they raise the height to 45 in. . . don't you get a lot of air time in the corkscrews? Please don't talk about something like you know it all. Your also forgeting that they push down the lapbar and check it. How would you slip out? I Know alot of people put there feet ontop of the bottom orange part and they make it out safe. Also can someone explain why the heart has to be in the middle of a corkscrew for there to even be a lap bar?
  8. You do know your feet don't have to go under the bottom part of the lap bar on FOF lol Your forgeting Pyhsics too, see hows theres a boomerang, well thats kinda like a corkscrew and you hit the side. O and the trains do have walls, Go take another look.
  9. Villain sucks; Waste of space and money. I doubt it will draw more people. Theres nothing good about it.
  10. I rather get nothing than villain, its an awful ride!
  11. I believe the own a bit more land then that. LOL maybe alot more.
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