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    Son of Beast to be demolished.

    Towerkid's wish may come true.
  2. CoasterGeek101com

    The Beach Announces Operator

    Im excited to see what they have in store.
  3. CoasterGeek101com

    NEW - Lex Luther: Drop Of Doom

    I can't image the amount of airtime you get from that drop!
  4. CoasterGeek101com

    Halloween Haunt 2012

    When I was walking in Coney Mall, I saw the Urgent Scare truck in the area between Racer and Coney Mall.
  5. CoasterGeek101com

    Halloween Haunt 2012

    I haven't seen anything public yet for Haunt.
  6. CoasterGeek101com

    Halloween Haunt 2012

    I think they should be able to put 2 haunted houses in the Crpyt's building. Or at least one really big one. A Doll factory sounds like the best choice.
  7. Hey Guys, I was recently able to attend Soak City's VIP weekend last weekend and got some pictures of the improvement for this year. Check the out and comment!! The Rest of the Pictures can be viewed here: http://coastergeek101.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=40
  8. CoasterGeek101com

    Boomerang Bay vs Soak City

    Why does your friend like Boomerang Bay better?
  9. CoasterGeek101com

    Boomerang Bay vs Soak City

    Soak City is better.
  10. CoasterGeek101com

    Best Defunct Ride?

    I miss the Skyride even though I was really young when it was still there. I wish they would bring it back.
  11. If there was one thing that I was thinking the entire day at Kings Island it was this: It doesn’t feel like opening day. It feels like closing day. The thing is, due to there being a thick cloud cover, and temperatures in the low to mid 50′s, it just really made it feel like it was closing day, but it eventually felt like opening day. I went with my parents and got to the park around 1:00. We stayed until about 6:00. Here are some of the pictures I took! More can be found at: http://www.coasterge...ls.php?album=39
  12. CoasterGeek101com

    KIExtreme version 3.5 is coming! We want your feedback!

    Any more updates coming?
  13. CoasterGeek101com

    CoasterGeek101's Opening Day 2012 Report

    It was cold and gloomy indeed, thanks!
  14. CoasterGeek101com

    NEW! Kings Island, Soak City, and Invertigo Pictures!

    Hey Jdawg1998! thanks, I purposely made the invertigo pics pretty! :)
  15. I recently posted an update to my website containing pictures from Last Monday of the construction of Soak City and the stylish new Invertigo. Check them out! http://coastergeek101.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=27
  16. CoasterGeek101com

    NEW! Kings Island, Soak City, and Invertigo Pictures!

    I couldn't agree more! I was impressed with how Invertigo looked.
  17. CoasterGeek101com

    KIExtreme version 3.5 is coming! We want your feedback!

    This is great! Site activity has been very low recently and hopefully this new version should give it the bump! I think maybe user photo galleries?
  18. CoasterGeek101com

    Thanks for another great season!

    Hey! Sorry I haven't logged on in a while! I am excited for what is in store! What I would really like is maybe an event this winter at KI for this site!It would be neat to meet all of you!
  19. CoasterGeek101com

    Where or What Am I 2011

    A performer on Hot Summer Nights.
  20. CoasterGeek101com

    when will vortex be repaired??

    Yeah, who knows when it will be open.
  21. CoasterGeek101com

    100+ High Quality Diamondback Photos

    Yeah, I did! Not sure why you couldn't get them to load, I will look into it. I haven't yet, but I certainly will! Thanks for commenting.
  22. CoasterGeek101com

    100+ High Quality Diamondback Photos

    Hey Guys, With my new camera, I got some very nice shots of the Diamondback roller coaster! Check them out and comment, please! Thanks http://gallery.coastergeek101.com/thumbnails.php?album=21
  23. I recently got to Kings Island really early in the morning to be one of the first riders on Windseeker! I was lucky enough to get on the 2nd train/ride of the ride! I almost got on the first ride, but they overcounted and I had to back in line and wait. It is a great ride that I recommend EVERYONE ride. I loved it. Here are some pictures. http://gallery.coastergeek101.com/thumbnails.php?album=13 --
  24. I am glad the park is doing this.
  25. CoasterGeek101com

    Windseeker Opening Day Review and Photos

    Just added 18 new photos!