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  1. What are the lines like for Opening Day? Is it comparable to a normal weekend? I live 2 hours away and usually wait until the park is open through the week to take my first trip.
  2. I still believe a pathway needs to be constructed from the Top gun/SOB area behind the Adventure Express and Racer to the FireHawk area. This would be a great place for a tunnel. I completely agree that it just doesn't fit in with the area that it used to be in. Placing a plant tunnel down by Adventure Express would be awesome!
  3. As far as other changes to The Beast this season...have their been any changes to the que line?
  4. So nice to see Rivertown get some attention, I never really thought about it, but with Diamondback in the Rivertown area, this does cause a whole new crowd traffic route. Normally the majority of the crowd was always in Action Zone, then they would spill over to Coney Mall and the fewest number of people tended to hang in Rivertown. Could we see that change? I bet we start seeing other booths and restaurants in the Rivertown area to accomadate the people!
  5. RIP forever King Cobra! I still remember my last ride on her! I always loved the queue line for the ride, seeing that HUGE chain propelling the trains up the hill, and then walking up the stairs to finally see the loading station. That ride will forever live in some of my greatest KI memories!
  6. The Crypt isn't going anywhere, as was stated earlier, it was a major investment by the park and with Diamondback now in the same backyard, what would you realistically put in its place? The ride was actually closed this year when I went so I can't say much about The Crypt, but I think we need to be patient with Cedar Fair in turning rides into their own special experience, apart from the rides' Paramount beginnings.
  7. Economic recession--->Electing a new president--->Cancer--->Healthcare--->Education---->Social Security--->Kids operating trash compactors I'm so glad our government has everything in order and can afford to pay people to check up on stuff like this :rolleyes:
  8. That's an interesting idea, I wonder why KI has never really dedicated anything to its history? They could add an attraction that is like the KI museum. I would visit it everytime I went.
  9. We need some sort of water ride between Firehawk and SOB. Wouldn't that be cool? Maybe even a water coaster. I'm guessing that X-Base is where the next enlargement will take place and hopefully they preserve the hillside and what few trees are left over there with whatever they decide to put in.
  10. Or even more beautiful, put King Cobra back in!! :rolleyes:
  11. jorhawle

    Top Gun

    Moving Top Gun=Absurd; however I do agree that it does fit in with the whole X-Base theme. How about the idea of a large path connecting the X-Base area to Top Gun/SOB area. The path could go behind the FOF and Adventure Express, underneath SOB and then connect up by the area where people exiting Top Gun can jump over to the SOB line. Then you open up a whole new path that could be full of stalls, shops, flat rides, and possibly a new coaster.
  12. Vortex...I never got to ride the Bat Skyflyer vs Slingshot
  13. This has got to be a joke...and a sick one lol. I know inflation is starting to get bad and all..but mercy a 100% increase in prices? BTW...I kinda like the new color...for a couple of days anyways :P
  14. I wouldn't expect too much as far as prices are concerned. I don't know any facts about it, but in my opinion if it were my park and I were going to substantially lower prices on food and what not, I would advertise that. Personally I think we'll see a straightning of prices as far as not getting higher and not getting lower. I mean prices are obviously high right now...but think about your favorite fast food places. I remember when a hamburger at McDonalds was $0.49, you can't even get a little White Castle burger for that today. Prices go up, just the name of the game.
  15. It really depends on how many cars are in the parking lot when I get there. I would love to ride the Beast first...but usually I head over to Action Zone before it gets too busy and ride Face/Off, Drop Zone, Top Gun, and SOB...well and now Delirium, sometimes I forget about that one. Then work my way around.
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