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  1. jds40


    no actuly someone else made it with gimp, but i asked him and he said its fine if you use them, i can make them too if you want one. ;)
  2. jds40


    i made them! :D and sure i'll make a top gun one! B) it might be a wile since ive been geting a crazy amoutn of requests from weeweeslsap. but dont worry i'll get it eventuly! :D oh wait, the userbars? someone elso on the site made those, i can make them too though. i think i should ask him first though :unsure:
  3. jds40


    i thought this was the best place to put this, in case somebdy here wanted to use one of these ;) i make these myself with photoshop and i'll take requests! im goign to make one for SOB (you know what i mean, not the other term for SOB) to see my sigs click here: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Coastertalk/ind...p?showtopic=110 PS. if you have time could you join my site? its brand new and needs members B)
  4. i really hoep it gets fixed soon :unsure: is the main reason i want to go to PKI so badly
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