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  1. This was a pretty good award page. Maybe on the lighting package, The Royal Fountains should have been included. Those look really awesome at night with the light color changes. Flight of Fear also has a great light package on the outside. There were no food awards. I would vote for in park food for Outer Hanks. That had the best deal for your money, and the food was excellent there! For outside vendor, it goes to Skyline as always. But, still nice work guys on the awards!
  2. "-Phantom Theater characters have returned to the International Bandstand, although Maestro is missing from the cast." Unfortunately, The Maestro passed away earlier this year of a heart attack. :( I know that's random, but in the spirit of haunt, thought it might be funny.
  3. Good pics, good report, and I had fun, too! We really made that slogan come to alive, it really was a day of, "Where Else" would we be!
  4. Ok, I'm just going to comment on everyone's ideas and add my own here. First, for who it was that suggested a Huss Topple Tower, trust me, that ride is not at all thrilling. That's a pretty mild flat ride. It's slow and doesnt really do much. I liked Ty's idea real well. A very unique thing. For that coaster idea, I would actually put that across the midway next to Backlot. The top spin might look good there, and make way for another great coaster where The Crypt currently sits. Perhaps something like a cross between Maverick and Steel Hawg. What I would actually put in the spot in question would be an indoor sit down air conditioned restaurant similar to Game Day Grill with a nice window view of Diamondback. Game Day has a great view of my favorite coaster at Cedar Point, Raptor! I would like to see a place like that, with table service offering free drink refills as long as you are sitting there. That is my suggestion!
  5. Welcome and have a great season at Kings Island!

  6. If you're under 12, I'd prefer you be with an adult, but we can find you one to hook up with. Otherwise, no.
  7. The other night, I dreamed I was riding Diamondback, and it was every bit as wonderful as I know its going to be! :)
  8. Today, Sunday November 16th, 2008 is the final day of Cypress Gardens, located in Winter Haven Florida. It's sad to see another amusement park close. Especially one that had quite a few coasters on the line. One being the classic Starliner. The Starliner met a fate in 2002 when Miracle Strip in Panama City, Florida closed down. Fortunately, it was saved and relocated to Winter Haven at Cypress Gardens. Now, today, it faces that same fate of being demolished forever. Lets all light a candle for this classic woodie in hopes that someone will buy it and again relocate it, or maybe it will get to stay and be a part of the new Cypress the will re-open next spring. Brian "Raptorguy" Neal who says, Long Live The Starliner!
  9. If you mailed out on the 11th, I should get it this week. Thursday the 16th will be the cut off for any late comers, though. If you mailed on the 11th, email me or PM me on Friday the 17th, to confirm I received your registration, just to be safe. I dont want to leave anyone out that wanted to attend this great event.
  10. I will be there. Just put my check in the mail. Will the tickets be mailed to me or do I pick them up at the park the day of? You get your tickets and all when you arrive, we will be passing them out 9:30-10:30 at the gate area, between the pass sales area and will call.
  11. Yes, Massacre Manor is the best choice for the lights on tour. This one has some of the best scenes, because its like walking through an actual house. You will get to see all the rooms of the house with the lights on and see how wonderfully detailed it is.
  12. Personally, I say, bring back Enchanted Voyage 1!
  13. We typically say ACE members and their guests on our advertisements, because its not an open to the public event. Anything that I will post on that forum, whoever goes to that forum will always be invited. Sometimes at these types of meetings, we talk about things that pertain only to members of ACE such as the Cons and all that. But, we know that a lot of Kings Island enthusiasts are out there that would like to participate in these off season tours and such. So, we will be opening up Winter SOAR to all you guys, as well!
  14. Tonight on 700 WLW for those in the Cincinnati area, Scott Sloan will be taking on the decision of Kings Island to turn around the Racer from backwards to forwards. The show airs 9-12 tonight. Don Helbig, marketing and communications manager will be Sloan's guest. Tune in to listen to what people have to say about this, and feel free to call in yourself and express your opinions. For those who can't reach the station, its www.700wlw.com on your internet dial, and you can listen for free there.
  15. I am just totally beside myself over this grave news. This is perhaps the worst news I've heard since I found out Geauga Lake was closing down. This place is classic! It should have received Historical Landmark stature, so that it never gets torn down. It appears in the book, Weird Ohio. It remarks that even though the park has been closed for well over 25 years, people still go through its gates, as though it were open. It has a certain mystery to it. Its so creepy, it's fun to see. It even has been claimed to be haunted. I had hopes of seeing this one day reopen as a park. I thought it would be nostalgic to return to a simpler time in American history with one of these old classic parks. It just seems to me that the industry is really shifting more and more away from those types of parks, as with Geauga Lake closing, and the fact that Conneaut Lake will probably never open again, either. It's a crying shame to see places like this become this way. I dont know if its too late, but I'd almost be inclined to try and do a save Chippewa Lake protest of some kind, so that the coaster doesnt meet the wrecking ball, and all that classic stuff that sits there doesnt get lost in time. Brian, who is sad to see this happen
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