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  1. Right now on Jeopardy, at 7:30 PM EST on NBC, there is a topic call theme park Fun. Just thought I let you guys know.
  2. If you could build a ride at KI, name and theme it what would it be? I would build a flying coaster. I would paint it red, white, and blue. I would make the trains look like eagles, and I would name it Flying Eagles. I would put it in Coney Mall.
  3. Last summer, the coaster at Fun Spot had a problem. The train got stuck in the loop. I was a Pokagon State park (which is next door) when it happened.
  4. When it was changed to the Smurfs, did they change the clown to a Smurf?
  5. I don't get how the OPs let you guys do that? They never once let me do that before, even when there wasn't a single person in line... Somehow I guess I get the mean ones when I'm there. :P The reason I like AE is because it was the first coaster at the park I truly liked. I had fun on it. Sure, you are halfway down the hill before you pick up any speed, but it was fun. Now I ride it once or twice while I'm at the park to relive the memories, but thats about it. I have rode it at night, and if there is no one in line they let me stay on. The do that at Congo Falls too. I rode that 10 times in a row, with out having to get off.
  6. Yes, its the same. There is tons of those coasters out there.
  7. White Water Canyon takes up a lot of the land that the train goes through. They should not remove the train because there are not many steam trains left.
  8. Top Gun and every one knows why!
  9. Is it going to take you 4 months to fix, like the avatars? :P
  10. If you ate there, but did not go to the park, did you still have to pay for parking?
  11. I was for the Bucks too, a guy who I play football in high school with, plays for them.
  12. That’s what they call people from Indiana.
  13. 12-23-2006, answer was $72,000. I have retired from being the History Moderater here at EPKI, this game will return, when we are able to find a new host.
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