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  1. coasterking912

    Kings Island snow photo

    That is a very cool picture thanx for sharing :lol:
  2. coasterking912

    Man faces 10 years for Kings Island assault

    This stuff happens in the tri-state 50 times a day, 99 percent of the time there is drugs or alcahol related... Or maybe he hadnt gotten to ride Diamondback yet :lol:
  3. coasterking912

    Kings Island Pushes Boundaries For Halloween Haunt

    There was no animals as far as I could see in the new Slaughter House :( , but they made sure no one had a drink inside. As far as opinions go, I respect everyones, but I will keep mine to mysef...
  4. coasterking912

    2009 Golden Tickets!

    I know I cant say much because I have not ridden prowler but by lookin at the p.o.v, it looks boing for the most part. No way Db is second to that. :lol:
  5. coasterking912

    Halloween Haunt 2009 Preparations

    HAUNT! I love the Haunt. Hopefully I get to go every weekend :D :D :D
  6. coasterking912

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    I ride it twice atleast when I go
  7. coasterking912

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    50!!!!!!!! In 8 visits.... My average would be 5. Goin for 60 tuesday B)
  8. coasterking912

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    only 48 <_< sad in 7 visits
  9. coasterking912

    Do you think Kings Island should Close SOB?

    ^^ I do notice though that the line is always long. :) So alot of people look past the roughness to the size
  10. coasterking912

    have you burnt out Kings Island?

    Thats why i go with him ^ :lol:
  11. coasterking912

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    I am up to 23 in 4 trips. The most Ive had in one trip is 8
  12. coasterking912

    Best Route to Hit all the Coasters

    ^ Or you could do that :lol:
  13. coasterking912

    Best Route to Hit all the Coasters

    Personally, Unless you are basing your trip off of riding DB then do this: Start in Action zone and ride Son of Beast first, then on your way to Coney mall ride Adventure Express. While in coney mall, expect a 30 min wait for flight of fear and Firehawk, and racer will be a walk on. Vortex can be anywhere from a walk on to a 15 minute wait. Beast will most likely be a 20 mine wait. By then you can walk around and do what you want like get a second ride in on things or wait a good 30 to 45 min for DB which is your best bet. Just make sure you dont leave without a night ride on DB. You will regret it. :D
  14. coasterking912

    How busy is it thread

    It was an above average crowd day but the heat ran then to BB. It was extremely Hot. And ASA was very cool. Thumbs up for KI on that one. B)
  15. coasterking912

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    Sadly, 8 :(