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  1. Porkchop


    There is a really good video that I'll post the link to below that has a lot the easter eggs hidden in Orion.
  2. The Racers is one of my all time favorites not just at Kings Island but all of the coasters I have been on. There is almost never a line more than 10 minutes and the ride does have alot of moments of air time.
  3. I agree. Its said but we are taking the time to get certified in some specific things in our field as well as finally out our touches on our new house.
  4. Bad news on holding out any hope of a season.
  5. I am really curious as to if Orion is going to shut down durning the firework show.
  6. Is anyone on the website planning on going to the first riders auction? I will be at the park all three days that weekend.
  7. If you look at the ride in person I think you would think otherwise. The spine on the ride is huge!
  8. I was looking at some of the photos and does anyone else thing the pullout on the drop seems drawn out? Maybe its not because you will be going 93MPH.
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