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  1. Really love the new updates, looks great!
  2. KIcook304

    New Park Site, Blog, 2010 Park Guide Released!

    There will also be a webcam on I-Street, thats what the KI facebook says: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2032...id=155893938367
  3. KIcook304

    KI Unleashes New Haunt Website

  4. KIcook304

    KI Unleashes New Haunt Website

    That IS real nice! So it says Slaughter House is in Action Zone? Where could it go? EDIT: nvm, found the map :lol:
  5. KIcook304

    Halloween Haunt 2009 Preparations

    I love watching the set-up for Haunt, its always cool. Now we just have to wait till the end of Sept. :P
  6. KIcook304

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    47 <_<
  7. KIcook304

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

  8. KIcook304

    Favorite Diamondback Rows

    1 and 16
  9. KIcook304

    Headed out tomorrow

    I as well will be there B)
  10. KIcook304

    Do you think Kings Island should Close SOB?

    No, KIs skyline would look too weird and its still a great coaster no matter what
  11. KIcook304


    (waiting in line for Invertigo)- and
  12. KIcook304

    have you burnt out Kings Island?

    i will never been burt out with KI, its a different experince everytime and thats what keeps me coming back... and because i am a:
  13. KIcook304

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    ha, sorry :lol:
  14. KIcook304

    Diamondback Ride Counts 2009

    20 in 4 visits, got 10 in on saturday
  15. KIcook304

    The Crypt Cycle

    rode it today and the new cycle is soooo boring, it doesnt even seem like its a thrill ride now. I hope they fix it