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  1. There will also be a webcam on I-Street, thats what the KI facebook says: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2032...id=155893938367
  2. http://haunt.visitkingsisland.com/_upload/...right_guide.pdf
  3. That IS real nice! So it says Slaughter House is in Action Zone? Where could it go? EDIT: nvm, found the map :lol:
  4. I love watching the set-up for Haunt, its always cool. Now we just have to wait till the end of Sept. :P
  5. No, KIs skyline would look too weird and its still a great coaster no matter what
  6. (waiting in line for Invertigo)- and
  7. i will never been burt out with KI, its a different experince everytime and thats what keeps me coming back... and because i am a:
  8. 20 in 4 visits, got 10 in on saturday
  9. rode it today and the new cycle is soooo boring, it doesnt even seem like its a thrill ride now. I hope they fix it
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