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  1. I want to go Friday. I would guess that the crowds will be small, especially in the morning. Do you guys think the crowds will be small Friday?
  2. Awesome. I wish I could do that.
  3. Maverick has been seen testing on the funcoast.com webcam and the cedar point webcam for the past two weeks or so. I have faith that it WILL be ready.
  4. I didn't pay that much attention to what they were wearing when I had my pass processed, but I do know that they had blue polo shirts on. I couldn't tell you what logo the shirts had on them though.
  5. This is true. I was surprised to find that out when I went to get my pass processed today.
  6. I had my pass processed today and I didn't get any sort of coupon book.
  7. 2K Force

    13 days

    Almost there! I can't wait. Hopefully my friends won't decide not to go at the last minute and leave me all alone.
  8. I never got on roller coasters until a good friend of mine dragged me on the vortex. I was terrified waiting in line and while on the ride, but as soon as we stopped I realized how much fun it really was. I've been hooked on coasters since then. I'm still scared of them and I think thats what makes it fun. Hopefully I'll never completely lose my fear because then I think I'll lose a lot of the experience.
  9. Try re-installing Direct X. For the Dual Core situation the link to the updates that I put in my previous post should take care of that problem also. I am running an Intel Core Duo in my laptop and that update took care of all my problems. If that update doesn't help I would suggest asking for help in the RCT forums. Thats how I got help. Good luck.
  10. Go to the RCT website and download the updates. http://www.atari.com/rollercoastertycoon/us/downloads I had a similar problem and installing the updates took care of it.
  11. Myself and three friends once rode AE 11 times in a row on a cold October day. It'd be hard for me to choose between the two. I think I'd have to keep AE because you always have to have some family coasters in the park.
  12. By rides do you mean coasters and flat rides? Or no coasters? Edit: I reread the post above by Keysersoze and I see that the coasters are open on sunday. Ha ha, I was scared there for a second. Never been to the park this late in the season so I didn't know for sure.
  13. Sorry, I didn't mean to get everybody going. I see CP as a family park because its history has been built around families from the begining. No, it isn't now the most family oriented park, but I thnk they are trying to head in the direction of a more family friendly park. My main idea of that post was that you can have big thrill rides and still be a family park. :) I don't expect any more extreme coasters at KI or CP for a while.
  14. Good point. I guess snoopy and the other peanuts are a little out of date and not as appealing to young kids as the Nickelodeon characters. I do love snoopy though, more than any other characters.
  15. Cedar Point may have plenty of thrill rides but it is still a very family oriented park.
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