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  1. I'll be riding Behemoth this summer, talking a trip to Canada this year.
  2. If you mean the 150 foot one at Nagashima.. Its not the only oen that big.. Huss made a few of the DreamShips... I don't know if it's the only one, but I know they have a normal carnival ship beside it and it looks small enough to be it's anchor.
  3. I rode SOB today (Saturday) and I felt for a large woodie it tracked really well. Ya it kinda takes your breath away but I think that's because it's fast. At the bottom of the large helix it rattles some, a bit rough. One thing I think SOB really needs is some theming. How about a tunnel where the loop was? Maybe even a tunnel at the bottom of the big helix. Daddy has them. They should really theme the hell out of the hole were the loop was. One other thing, they need a third train bad!
  4. I rode it today in the front seat. To me for a large woodie it was real smooth. I will say it was a little rough at the bottom of the large helix each time, but what do you want? I like the new cars I think they track pretty good.
  5. Kings Island has a more famous coaster then SOB it's called the Beast and it was built using those hills as a template.
  6. For a woodie there's nothing better then the Beast at night. The Raptor and the MF from Cedar Point are both on my top ten list for steel. For loopers the Vortex is high in the list. Cool thing is if you become a real rollercoaster nut like me you will begin to find they don't run the same from day to day. You can get a differnet ride even from the steel coasters. Any coaster that has just been greased and has a full load is killer to me. They seem to run a bit quicker!
  7. Ya, my best friend and I just spent the week at Cedar Point and Geauga Lake and we both missed the Beast! There's not another coaster in the world like it.
  8. Sounds like the same kinda marks the seatbelt left on me when I wrapped my Geo Metro around a tree a few years ago!
  9. I think my record was about 10 years ago they had a nice Scrambler at the Ohio State Fair ( I know, hard to believe) and I did it 13 times in a row. Good 4 to 5 min rides each too, the operator was more interested in the skin walking down the midway!
  10. I'm a rollercoaster nut. I just had my first Vacation of the year and a friend and me spent 3 days at Cedar Point and 2 days at Geauga Lake. The coaster riding was great, but I have a soft spot for one flat ride; the Scrambler. I have always been a fan of that ride, I even have made some scale models of it. Maybe I like them so much becuase they work more like a clock with all its gearing. I rode all three of them in each park now and I have to say Kings Island's is the best. It's sad to say the only way to get a real good scrambler ride is to go to a carnival! I'm not much into the "Pre-program" ride times. These rides were never designed like that to begin with, but I know it would give to much power to the 17 year old host if they were left with the Eli bridge controls. Kings Island seems to have about a 2 min ride time with the brake program being right. Cedar point has a nice Scrambler but the ride time is way too short. It's time seems to be one min with a long coast at the end before the brake; lame! Geauga Lake's is a rust bucket! I would think if they are owned by the same company there would be more consistency there. One thing they are consistent with at Cedar Point and Geauga Lake is the "welcome back rider's, how was your ride!" Doesn't anyone but the young 17 year old host find it a bit stupied to say that on a flat ride! The young thing driving the go-cart at GL said there made to say it after I asked her if she was going to say that after are shuttle trip! By the way, Maverick was killer!
  11. My opinion the small 17 year old teenager ride operator wasn't about to tell a 250bls Brutus "Get the hell out!" From what I have seen so far there's alot of new kids working in the park this year and still in the training process. I would think later in the year you'll see them control that better, it's a big liability for CF to let anything like that happen. One other note on the Vortex sinking thing, if it is, I like it. The Vortex has given me some great rides this year so far.
  12. Keysersoze


    For me I have found that for the shortest lines go early, Sunday morning always seems good intill about 2 or 3, and yes ride the Beast at night at last once this summer, in the front seat, it's killer. As for eats, I always go 71 south just a little, there many a food joint there and there all cheaper and better tasting. I always bring my own water too, just leave it in a cooler in your car. You can go out to your car as much as you like, just get your hand stamped. I found the best place to park for normal parking is on the north side just north of the bus area. That area seems to fill slowly and it is closer then parking all the way out by the main sign. $3.60 a water and $20.00 for a large drink and 2 pieces of sour pizza to me is insane.
  13. Hello everyone, I got myself a Maxx pass last year with a friend of my mine. Now we have some things planned this year with Kings Island as well as some of the other CF parks, but I see myself making many trips to Kings Island alone. My friend enjoys coasters but he doesn't have the bug like me. I live up here in Columbus and Kings Island is only 1 hour away, which tends to make for a good weekend morning. I tend to get my coaster fix before the crowds get bad then head home. Now I have had a blast going by myself before, I find myself talking to just about anyone and that always make for a fun trip, but I would like to meet more folks like me, folks that can go for a good ride on "The Beast' or a "Vortex" spin. I don't really want to join a coaster club, mainly because I just don't see enough bang for the buck. I'm 32 years old, and got my act together, I'm pretty opened minded so nothing matters much to me as long as you enjoy coasters and a fun day at one of Ohio's better parks.
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