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  1. Was the land sold? What will happen to the rides? I visited Fun Spot in 2003 and it was a nice small family park. I hope the economy turns around and people start visiting amusement parks again. Fun Spot will be missed by many people.
  2. I visited the park closing weekend and it was very busy Fri./Sat. I was surprised by how much Rivertown and The Beast area has changed. I rode The Beast several times because it is my favorite ride at the park I hope it is still there in April when DB opens.
  3. After I saw the pictures of what they did to transform TR:TR to The Crypt I was shocked. I liked the ride better when it was TR:TR and I also liked the theming to it alot better. I hope CF did the right thing by dropping the Paramount name but I don't like the changes. I am a Paramount fan and I liked Paramount better as an amusement park chain. I feel they are destroying the park that I have loved for years by the changes they have made to the park in the last few years.
  4. Is The Beast leaving for Diamondback? Are they moving the entrance gate? I have heard numerous rumors of this occuring. Is this true? I hope this isn't true. I love The Beast and I ride it every time I visit the park. Is The Beast open during HH? Does anyone have a flyer for HH 08" they can download so we can see what rides are open during the HH? I went last year and I thought it was alot of fun but I mostly rode the rides.
  5. What rides are open during the Haunt the website hasn't been updated yet. Last year all the coasters were open on Friday except Adventure Express and the children's area. Is it the same this year? Do they still have Elvira's Superstition in the 3D theatre for Halloween?
  6. PKI central.com stated on Feb 6th KI stated that they didn't know when or IF SOB will reopen. I'm hoping someone can share some news with us because I don't like to hear things like this.
  7. Taking out 2 coasters and not putting in anything new to replace them and leaving the land on that side of the park empty is going to make the park look empty. I hope it works for them. I'll go to CP for rides/coasters because GL won't have any good coasters left except Dominator.
  8. I heard the rumor that Steel Venom was being removed also this year. Is WOF getting it for 08'? I also heard that DP was getting a wood coaster in 08' maybe The Villian will be moved there. Why are they getting rid of all the rides at the park? Are they going to sell GL in the next few years for real estate because the park isn't making money? This is my prediction only time will tell what happens to GL.
  9. Are there alot of tube slides at the Beach? I was a little disappointed with Boomerang Bay because they didn't have very many tube slides.
  10. Although this is a Paramount site I will be honest and say I prefer Theme Parks to amusement parks so my favorite parks are: Walt Disney World Florida, Universal Studios Florida, Busch, Cedar Point, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Great America, Hershey Park, and Paramount parks.
  11. I love Scooby Doo. I like the theming in it and it's alot of fun shooting at stuff.
  12. Nick Universe wins my vote. They have really done a nice job with the kid section of the park. I like Hanna Barbara also because that's the cartoons I grew up on.
  13. I agree with you that we should be told if a ride is going to close or not. I think they will just put in a straight track and maybe a tunnel in that section. The loop was a great part of the ride but it caused the track to crack and wasn't well designed when built.
  14. I vote for both to stay at the park. I like both of the rides because they have theming and they are fun.
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