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  1. Yeah, especially we southeastern KY hicks. :D
  2. DX v. nWo... lol. I do hope Hollywood will be heading the resurgence of that organization... and I do hope DX kicks butt. Good riddance Lita, good riddance Edge. And please, God, tell me why Umaga is so indestructable and so undefeated and awesome, yet he hasn't received a title shot yet? No even an IC shot. Please, Vince McMahon, stop pushing Jamal with facepaint.
  3. I've been going to KI since I was a very small child. One of my favorite memories was the Smurf ride, I was probably 3-4 when that closed down. I was upset, but I am also an extreme lover of Phantom Theatre. I think my record was 6 times in a row. Agreed, it was an excellent ride on hot days. I was always wimpy up until my teenage years. I would never ride the coasters... I was even afraid of The Beastie (forever and always, The Beastie). Times change, as did I. I've ridden every coaster at PKI countless times, including the poor King Cobra before its demise. I have been to Cedar Point one time and the rides there kinda own PKI's, but considering I live about 450 miles from Cedar Point, I probably won't be going back anytime soon (went in June of '02). I haven't been to PKI in a couple of years, and I am also about 200 miles away from it, but I will always cherish and love that park. To be a guy who actually lives closer to Dollywood in Tennessee (I'm in southeastern Kentucky), it is really sort of odd. I think I have been to Dollywood MAYBE three times, all of those with church or school back in the day. DW is more about family entertainment than rides, though, and I frankly don't go for that. Another young memory is the dolphin shows they put on years ago. I really enjoyed that, as I've never been to Sea World or anything of that sort. One of the best was when they had some sort of falcon, and it was released from way up at the top of the Eiffel Tower and flew all the way down to land on the animal trainer's arm. That was pretty f'n amazing to a young pre-teen boy, at this point. It's funny to think back now that I was so scared of rollercoasters, especially since I waited about 3 hours to ride Millenium Force at Cedar Point and see children barely over the limit riding The Beast. I'd say you couldn't have offered me enough video games or toys to make me ride that thing when I was that age. Looking at all this stuff makes me want to go to Kings Island... too bad it is so late in the year. :( The animal park was around when I was young, and I have pictures of it somewhere around here, but I can't really remember seeing that stuff. I guess I was too engrossed with the Smurf ride... lol.
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