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  1. ^I spent four of the five days down there at one of the Universal Orlando parks, but it's probably possible to hit all the major attractions at both parks in a single week-day. However, to take-in all the detail and enjoy the smaller-scale attractions as well as the larger ones, I'd suggest spending at least two-days there and considering purchasing Express Passes. Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Universal Studios Florida So the entrance to Halloween Horror Nights is pretty impressive- besides the massive LED screen hanging in the arch, there's also the theater marquee and several poste
  2. Halloween Haunt 2008- I slightly enjoyed Dead Awakening more than Hot Blooded, Red Beard's Revenge more than Cut-Throat Cove, and I missed having The Worksite. 2009 still had its pluses, however- CornSTALKERS was nicer, Slaughterhouse was fun, and both pathways behind the Eiffel Tower were open. Also, of course, Diamondback was around for 2009 :) After entering the park... Going to the Left vs. Going to the Right
  3. As a 16th-birthday present, my Dad and I headed-down to Orlando, Florida at the end of October to visit Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World for several days. We arrived Wednesday, October 28, and I departed Sunday, November 1. Beyond just visiting Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida, and Magic Kingdom, we also participated in two-nights of Halloween Horror Nights, one night at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, the Keys to the Kingdom tour at Magic Kingdom, and a backstage tour of the haunted houses at Universal. Overall, it was a great trip that was jam-packed with theme p
  4. If you have not already voted in the KIExtreme Awards 2009 Part 1 section, click HERE to do it now!
  5. Kings Island's 2009 season proved to be the most exciting year in decades with the addition of Diamondback, various special events, and one of the largest and best Halloween Haunts yet! Millions visited the park between April and November, flocking to some of the most intense and popular rides in the nation. Included in this list are The Beast (America's longest roller coaster), Son of Beast (World's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster), Vortex (First six-inversion roller coaster), and Flight of Fear (First LIM-launch roller coaster). Appearing for its first time, the new KIExtreme Award
  6. I assume the lights-on part of KD's Scooby-Doo ride is so that riders will be able to take photos easier. If the lights were off, most photos would either blur or be extremely grainy. Lights-on allows for nicer-looking photos.
  7. Interesting... "The Trail of Terror" is listed as an attraction for 2001's FearFest, taking place in the park's woods. The following year, 2002, "Psycho Path" is listed as a new attraction. Are the two the same attractions, pardon minor themeing differences? :unsure:
  8. ^Thanks for finding that; it completes the list of all the attractions. It's interesting to see all-new attractions from 2000 to 2001- I wonder if the park perhaps planned to do this every year, similar to how Universal's Halloween Horror Nights does.
  9. ^Morgan Hypers (They made Steel Force, right? :unsure:). Much smoother and enjoyable. Morning ERT vs. Nighttime ERT
  10. ^ 1. Once again, I just view this as a "You missed it, oh well" type thing. Sorry to offend, but that's the type of thing it was- not much different than a celebrity visiting the park unannounced; you just ended up lucky if you were there that day to meet them. 2. People will still be able to ride on the last day, and they'll still be able to have their "last rides". Besides, not everyone who wants to have the last ride would be able to anyway. 3. Unless I'm mistaken, they haven't given the callers any physical tickets. Instead, they asked for their name and some information, and they'll id
  11. Free tickets... available to anyone... greedy? :huh: Sorry, but the only legitimate argument against their method of last-rides I can see is that someone wasn't online when they announced the last-ride tickets, which I honestly don't think is really that legit... Sorry, but I see it as a "You missed it, oh well" scenario :P
  12. ^Yes you will- the tickets are for the last ride; Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle should still be open during the day.
  13. ^Having been to both, Universal Studios Florida- sure, California's backlot tour is a lot of fun, as is the very-cool Water World stunt show, but Florida's park has more to offer and feels more current and modern. Talking over the phone vs. Talking over the computer (AIM, etc.)
  14. ^Agreed- seems like a very creative and fun way to do it. I wouldn't mind seeing some fun promotions and competitions like that at Kings Island.
  15. Gemini Red- it's the only one of the two I've ridden, which ended up to be perhaps the most horrible ride experience I've ever had on a Cedar Point coaster... Back seat is far too rough. Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle vs. Phantom Theater
  16. ^I'm a tad surprised that the park isn't holding some auction for the last rides, like other parks have done in the past. Instead, it appears to be entirely free for the first twenty people to call. I'm not complaining by any means- kudos to the park for not charging,- I just wasn't expecting them to handle any last-ride business like this.
  17. The park has yet to post a "sold-out" tweet on their Twitter, so no harm in still trying to call! I won't be able to make it, but I'd love to see some PTRs from KIExtreme members who can :) http://twitter.com/kingsislandpr
  18. You beat me on posting it by a minute, but I'm going to close this topic to allow for discussion in the other one, which provides the information and links ;) http://www.kiextreme.com/forums/index.php?...amp;#entry63257 Closed.
  19. All 20 tickets have been claimed From Kings Island's Twitter... http://twitter.com/kingsislandpr
  20. The photographers within Urgent Scare aren't actually Kings Island employees, but instead employees of the same company that provide the front-gate photographs. However, this should not be a reason for one to act any different than a Kings Island employee should- polite and respectful towards all guests. I went through Urgent Scare a grand total of five times Friday nights (no lines :D), passing through the photo room each time. I got my picture taken the first four times (although of the two tickets I still have, neither code works online...), remaining unresponsive to the cheesy scare ea
  21. ^Easily B&M floorless- you have a few from any seat, compared to only the front-row with most inverts. Based off the ones I've ridden, you also don't black-out as much on floorless coasters, but instead enjoy the moderate forces and insane layouts. Ketchup vs. Mustard
  22. ^I think he was referring to a permanent transformation, I went a bit off-topic by discussing a temporary one :P Full-time probably wouldn't have worked too well- Friday the 13th is known for some of its gory and bloody death-scenes; these would not have translated over well into a permanent area within a family amusement park. However, a single Friday the 13th ride would've been interesting- I could imagine it being similar to Revenge of the Mummy, where the "bad guy" is trying to cause harm upon you as you continually escape his various attacks and traps. I'd rather not think about how Ced
  23. ^I could easily imagine Rivertown transformed into Camp Crystal Lake for Fear Fest (as it was poorly turned into Sleepy Hollow a few years back). Tombstone Terror-tory's trail would play host to the Friday the 13th attraction, where you encounter Jason's victims and the man himself. Would've been quite entertaining, actually.
  24. Good trip report, although it's too bad to hear about the insane lines. Despite this, you took some nice photos- you always have some unique angles you take pictures from, which attribute to their originality.
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