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  1. THE_BEASTmaster


    I think this attraction is going to be behind the Blue Racer's turnaround. Remember the "Planning" photo the park put up a while ago? http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150181780218368&set=a.226729858367.174830.155893938367&theater
  2. THE_BEASTmaster

    Guess the Coaster

    Dang! :doh:
  3. THE_BEASTmaster

    Guess the Coaster

    Sheikra at Busch Gardens Africa
  4. THE_BEASTmaster

    Renaming Rides!

    Invertigo or Reptar
  5. THE_BEASTmaster

    Renaming Rides!

    Shake, Rattle, and Roll Brett Farve: the Ride
  6. THE_BEASTmaster

    Kings Island Pushes Boundaries For Halloween Haunt

    Isn't there going to be someone near the goats as well? I heard that the goats belong to one of the scare-actors.
  7. THE_BEASTmaster

    Kings Island Pushes Boundaries For Halloween Haunt

    I think the so-called "lie" from Mr. Helbig was part of the publicity stunt. It's like if you were caught by someone with your hand in a cookie jar and you deny it while you were eating the stolen cookie right in front of them. He knew they were there, he was being sarcastic and the media fell for it along with the rest of the stunt. I think they had no intention of having the displays put up during Haunt in the first place. Maybe they displays were already gone before the pictures were released to the media. Heck, my dad even chuckled at the publicity stunt.
  8. THE_BEASTmaster

    Planet Snoopy for Kings Dominion

    But that would be unrealistic too since there is a Nickelodeon theme area 3 hours away from Cedar Point.
  9. THE_BEASTmaster

    Son of Beast Closed for Rest of 2009- Maybe Forever

    When did Hercules at Dorney Park get demolished? Was it announced before or after the season?
  10. THE_BEASTmaster

    Son of Beast Closed for Rest of 2009- Maybe Forever

    From Screamscape: Could this be an end to SOB???
  11. THE_BEASTmaster

    Indiana Beach

    Tomorrow will be my 2nd visit in 7 years and I was wondering how Steel Hawg is. My cousin has not been there before. I did like the Hoosier Hurricane and Cornball Express. It was a really neat nostalgic park.
  12. THE_BEASTmaster

    Official Diamondback Testing Thread

    It could be media day too at the park. They usually have that the Wednesday before the park opens.
  13. THE_BEASTmaster

    The New Beast Entrance Sign

    On the park's official blog: http://kingsislandinsider.blogspot.com/200...r-at-kings.html Shows the new Beast sign.
  14. THE_BEASTmaster

    Halloween Haunt 2009

    You will be able to use your Platnium Pass at all Cedar Fair parks. That does include KI.
  15. Anhueser-Busch Entertainmaent annouced today Busch Gardens Asia. This new theme park will be centered around the continent of Asia. It will have the look and feel of both Busch Gradens Africa and Busch Gardens Europe. The Asian countries for the parks will be Russia, Indonesia, , China, Japan, India and the Middle East. The 3 major ride attractions will be Garuda (a 135 ft. B7M flying coaster), Naja (B&M floorless coaster), and Tiamat (a B&M inverted coaster). The park will feature a zoo showcasing all of the animals native to the Asia. The park is currently under construction and photos of the progress will be up soon.