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  1. lol oh yeah i didnt notice that.whats it like?
  2. Why did Cedarfair buy kings island?It takes alot of cool stuff out and changes the name of rides.I dont think im going to like the changes it makes
  3. i never rode the tomb raider ride.Is it any good?
  4. Does anybody on here know where I could go to find The School of rock live in concert filmed.The whole show.Me and my cousin like the show and where wondering if anybody knew where to find it.If you do please leave a comment telling me.Thanks.
  5. Is anybody on this site play for the School of rock band at the paramount theatre.If you do please leave me a comment.And dont act like you are.
  6. Well ok thanks for telling me.I dont care about the nick parade.I know it is probaly true and tho it sucks if it is,I was wondering if you knew anything about the school of rock concert?
  7. Since Cedarfair bought Kings Island,Things will be changed.I dont think that its good.Cedarfair is ruining Paramount Kings Island.First what will happen to the rides?Will anything happen?Second the nicelodeon parade and school of rock concert are not going to be back,Is that becauce of cedarfair?If anybody knows lave me a comment telling me please.Thanks
  8. How will there be enough room for this?The stage isnt that big
  9. Since some people say that school of rock will not return,What will be put in the paramount theatre next year in 2007?
  10. I am a fan of School of rock live in concert and wondered if anyone could help me with this question:When does the concert close for the 2006 season?If you know please tell me.Also I have heard rumors that the concert will not return To kings island next year.I was wondering if that was true?Again if you know the awnser to either of these questions please tell me
  11. I heard rumors that school of rock live in concert is over forever?Is that true.It seems very popular.Why would it be closed for good?
  12. im not sure which but its part ofthe avatar ride
  13. That sucks they are not bringing school of rock back.That show was sweet.I didnt care about the parade.Why are they taking out the concert???Nobody cares about snoopy.
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