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  1. I thought that the clearing behind The Crypt would be for the new '09 ride! HA! I just wish I had documented proof that I predicted it. But wouldn't they have to lay a footer in the walking area in front of The Crypt to support it? Just curious.....and freakin EXCITED!!!!
  2. I don't see how making both of the trains run forward is going to make anything any better. I don't really see what the big payoff is!!! Can somebody please explain this madness because my mind is being totally BLOWN! I thought that I was going to go insane after they got rid of the Flying Eagles but now they want to destroy the wonderful uniqueness of the Racers purely for the purpose of what? Just to say they did? Exactly WHAT is their purpose????? Is it because they want to try something new? Like putting BOTH cars forward? OMG! To be honest, the Racers are SOOOO bumpy now that I don't even really ride it unless I ride the backwards train because it is enough different that it is worth it! I have great admiration and respect for the O'l Girl, but lets face it (no pun intended). By putting both trains forward, I believe that the ride attendence will take a serious blow. This is IMO, a very bad mistake if they really decide to go ahead with this. I am also not very happy about it in case it wasn't obvious. :censored: :pissed:
  3. ^Thanx for the pics! I can't wait to try it!! Although, I don't think I am going to find anyone in my family or friends that will go on it with me....... :(
  4. Cedar Point announced on their blog yesterday that they are adding a new ride to Challenge Park, called Skyscraper. They described it as a "160-foot-tall structure that closely resembles a propellar". Is there a type of ride out there somewhere that someone could post pictures of? This sounds INCREDIBLY awsome and I am positively giddy over it! :insane: OMG I am DYING for summer to come so we can go back to all of our favorite parks!!!!!!!!!! Agreed???? Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!! :wub:
  5. Well, i did willingly ride SOB in the very last seat. Nuff said. ;)
  6. I shoulda jumped on the bandwagon <_<
  7. ^Holiday of Horrors, for one thing and alot of the zones were a joke. But the classics like the 3-D clown and the Headless Hollow were great! I was hoping that since CP's Halloweekends are always so spectacular that it would carry-on to KI, so we will have to see. It was too soon after the switch last year to tell if there would be a difference but now they have had a whole year and a half to work on it, so I, too, am SO ready!!!!!!! :sarmoti:
  8. me first me first ME FIRST!!!! :chair:
  9. I always thought that TR added a little variety to the park. Alot of my friends that dont like coasters always liked TR, so I am quite saddened that it may not be open for the rest of the year. I actually havent gotten to ride it this year yet cuz I have been too busy riding the Beast and Firehawk! :cry:
  10. the Festhaus clock entrance
  11. oh well, I got 2/3 of it right! :P
  12. I just got back from KI today and I rode SOB and Firehawk. I rode in the last seat of the red car on SOB and it was still pretty rough to me. I would say a 9 on roughness. But from what I am hearing, the front seat is better so if you are worried about it, just go with the front. Glad Sob is back in rotation!!
  13. the Eiffel Tower.......................(that really does look like Viking Fury, PKIVortex)
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