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  1. I hate Fast Pass. It's so stupid. Also, it will be dumb having the train go under the bridge for fast pass users as you head to the lift hill. Lastly, it seems like it will obstruct the driver's view of the ride.
  2. If you watch this video, you can hear the rapid banging sound at like 26 and 27 seconds into the video. It seems to have the same number of beats to it as there are clap sounds when the train is exiting and entering the station, so it must be some kind of mechanism on the train. It almost makes me think of an anti-rollback or something, but that wouldn't make sense at the bottom of a drop, or entering and exiting the station for that matter. Here's the video where the sound is real clear.
  3. I was just wondering if anyone knows why Diamondback makes a slow clapping sound as a train enters or exits the station, and a loud and rapid banging sound when a train zooms through the bottom of the first drop while it doesn't seem to make much sound while going up the lift or on other areas of the ride. Any ideas?
  4. I can't wait till Vortex re-opens. I accidentally went to the park during Spirit Song and the place was packed. I figured that I would only be able to ride one ride, so I headed to Vortex, which of course was closed. And the fact that a train was halfway in the station told me it was going to be closed for a while. Of course my family is coming out next week, and my favorite ride won't be available for them to try while they're here. :rolleyes: Vortex really is the bread and butter of the park, and they have to get it back up and running asap!
  5. That's crazy! From the photo, it looks closer to the front of the park to be a dinosaur. Hope nothing else is damaged!
  6. I saw a post on Facebook about it being sad all the Arrow Dynamics coasters are being torn down. I had to rush here to make sure there was no news regarding Vortex. I hope they could keep getting parts from Vekoma or S&S Power. I am hoping that because Cedar Point has kept Corkscrew for so long that maybe we will keep Vortex for many years to come. They can't pull out the best coaster at Kings Island!
  7. I'd like to do the Raven at Holiday World on skates. That would be nuts.
  8. Link to the site for JDRF KI Walk Yes they still do this. Looks like its on April 24.
  9. I heard they are changing the ride to use this type of vehicle.
  10. Sucks to see this park close. It was kind of ghetto, but was still fun. I liked T2 and Hellivator a lot - although I rode Hellivator before the big incident, obviously.
  11. Vortex - 2. Firehawk - 1, Diamondback - 1, Flight Deck - 2, Beast - 2, Invertigo - 1, Delirium - 1, Flight of Fear - 1, and maybe a couple others.
  12. I think Don's right about this off-season being particularly boring. The only "buzz" is either about the possibilities of a crappy ride finally being taken out back and put out of its misery, or Planet Snoopy, which isn't really relevant to most kids these days. It's basically a generic kiddie land theme because they have nothing better to use. Couple that with the fact that it's an off-season, and that a lot of people exclusively post on "that other site" and forum activity around here goes down a lot. I know Don was talking to me a while ago about the theme of the site - and he is telling the truth when he says he has something in mind. It's just a matter of coding it. Don actually writes the code himself for everything - the html and css and all that - which makes the site much more streamlined and faster loading. "The other site" uses an editor - Dreamweaver or whatever it's called these days - which still can put out a good looking site, but it is nowhere near W3C compliant. KIE W3C Validation Passed, 43 Warnings KIC W3C Validation 168 Errors, 11 Warnings TL;DR = Don does great work and I'm sure he'll present a site everyone will be happy with. As far as forum activity, "it's always darkest before the dawn."
  13. I don't see why they need to get a new addition every year. We'll be getting the new Snoopy thing next year and while that doesn't appeal to most enthusiasts / fanboys, it will still be expensive. I could see them doing something small and cheap for 2011 (if they did anything at all). I would LOVE to see Kings Island get a giant wheel. Maybe we don't have one because the Eiffel Tower provides the same experience of being able to see the park from great height - but I still really wish we had one. I have to agree with what people above have said about them adding something decent in 2012 for the anniversary. It wouldn't be anything on the scale of Diamondback but they would probably put something in. Fahrenheit would be cool - or a Eurofighter. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Fahrenheit kind of like an Intamin version of a Eurofighter? Well there's nothing like that around here (I think Dollywood is the nearest one) so it would be cool. Just my opinion - new kiddie area for 2010, something cheap for 2011, and celebrating the anniversary with something decent in 2012.
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