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  1. prayers for this guys family and friends.
  2. I have never been to the park when it is raining... do they tarp the trains in the rain?
  3. well dropzone good job with the pics....
  4. how easy is it to change a ride program? is it a computer program they just punch in a bunch of numbers? can you put it on random so no back to back rides are similar?
  5. hey if anyone is going to the park this afternoon could we get some pics of the tarps covering the coaster or anything going on over in that area?
  6. Has anyone tried to drive down the little path to where the old Animal Kingdom was? I was there with the Fiance the other day and we drove down past the green houses and did a u-turn by the footers for Top Gun(Not the new name I know). The Gate was open and we decided to act like we were lost, but I saw the path as I was returning, its right by the three way stop by Great wold lodge. Its in this area of the park and I didnt know if anyone has tried to drive down there. I would love to go down that way and take pictures of the park and I wonder if I would get in trouble for doing that...
  7. Well Klockster that makes sense thanks for clearing that part up
  8. That would be very expensive... but its better than having the ride torn down
  9. The ties do seem bit angled drastically. I am not an engineer but I am sure the support strength diminishes with the angle.... over than that what do I expect out a 200+ foot 75mph+ woodie? I expect a rough ride with a ton of fun, not injuries and a ride that keeps breaking down. Its not like King Cobra where you go man these bike seats really suck. It would be like if one out of every 300 riders got decapitated while riding a stand up, and people would go what do you expect from a stand up ride. Now i do not know anything about trims but would the injuries decrease if they slowed the coaster down before entering the rose-bowl? I do not think (I may be wrong) but no one has gotten hurt during the main drop, but it seems the blunt force trauma injuries happen when the ride goes into the rose bowl...... would trimming the train before this part help the injuries? I know you roller coaster enthusiasts would loathe a brake run before the bowl, but if it helps keep the ride from breaking down and injuring people, isn't that the best idea?
  10. xvekomax I am so split on this ride..... I really want this ride to remain open, but at the same time if it is injuring people, to be truthful it is a bit rougher than it probably should be due to many different reasons (I always wondered why the cross supports on the ride were never in a straight line,diaganol line). But if it can be fixed and made to be an enjoyable ride everytime with no injuries then great keep it open, but it does seem like it has so much negative press and the injuries can not keep happening on this ride. It seems as the years go by the ride keeps getting worse, and not better. Its not like the Beast where after 25 years it is now a bit rougher in spots and a bit better in spots, this ride just feels like it is pre-maturely aging too quickly....
  11. oh yeah i see it now... it says new in 2009... never mind.... and SOB will be running next year... right guys???? guys??? Where are the SOB guys at????? KI why dont you tell us something.... haha
  12. did you edit that or did they leave out SOB?
  13. Johndrew, the fact that the ride stays closed for large amount of days is more of a headache than a ride breaking down for a few hours. I am not 100 percent sure but I am pretty sure that having the ride being investigated is because of the ride. We all need to step back for a moment and remember SOB is not a creature or a person it is a ride. It is a ride inside of a park, which means it needs to do 1 of 2 things, make lots of money for the owners or entice large amount of people to want to keep riding it. Since SOB is free number 1 is not an option. Most people love riding rides because of the percieved nature of disaster and danger. People love riding roller coasters because they feel like they may get hurt but they know that it is suppose to be safe. This thrill keeps people coming back. When a ride is either way to rough (I am not sure SOB is too rough or not, depends on who you are I guess) or not open for large amounts of time, the ride does not lure people into the park.
  14. Well it doesnt sound promising but then again it is the Cincinnati Enquirer. But I too hope it is up an running again. I want an honest opinion and I am not on the band wagon to tear this ride down, I love it. But is this ride turning into this generations "Bat." Now I know Bat never had injuries but it was plagued by faulty designs and eventually proved to be too much to keep up. One would have to think that if this continues for the SOB KI would be mad not to consider other options. Now of course SOB I believe has run longer than the Bat but how many years in a row for this ride has it been down? I would hate to see it go but to be realistic, I can not think park managers love the publicity of this thing, or the money it costs to do "repairs". Side not, does the park have to pay to have it inspected? or is it similar to health inspectors who do it because they are funded by the govt?
  15. Hey guys I figured the old thread was getting way too long. SOB still closed but the investigation seems to be over. "However, the ride remains closed because park officials have “not decided what steps they plan to take concerning the ride,” according to an investigation summary released Wednesday." What steps are left? http://news.cincinnati.com/article/2009072...s+Son+of+Beast+
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