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  1. Southern Star looks like Frenzoid, which is gone.
  2. ooh, i'll come up with stuff later.
  3. Kings Dominion is close but not too close to being like Kings Island.Based on rides, KD and KI are almost completley different parks.Theme-wise they're similiar.
  4. Hypersonic is fun, but very painful and hard to breathe on.
  5. Funtastic Hannah-Barbarah sucked at Kings ominion.Days of Thunder would be awesome!!!! :D
  6. I've decided to bring this back. Heal-Massacre Manor-24 Hurt-Cowboy Carnage-9 SCARIEST: MASSACRE MANOR-24 _______________________________ 2nd: Circus of Horrors-22 3rd: Superstition-16 4th: Scream Street-10 5th: Cowboy Carnage-9 5th: Headless Hollow-9 ______________________ the wimpiest: the worksite-7 DEAD -------- 11-Pyscho Path 10-Asylum 9-Holiday Horror 8-CornSTALKERS
  7. Oh, I just like to browse through em to see what the houses look like.Im to afraid to go through the ones at Kings Dominion because I scare easily.
  8. Thanks.Where do I find them on the website?
  9. Does anyone know where I can get good pics of Fearfest besides here and PKIcentral?
  10. Immunity Challenge#2 Paul, give it up.Immunity back up for grabs. Rules: Just answer the questions and PM them to me. Q1- Who won Survivor: Africa? Q2- How many votes did Paul get at the last TC? Q3- How many votes were casted in all at the last TC? Q4- When did Survivor: Borneo air? Q5- What is 60x4? Q6- Where is Kings Dominion? Q7- What is 80x2?
  11. Aww.. Brad'll never be on. Brad, the tribe has spoken.You're the first juror. Challenge up soon.
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