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  1. First and foremost, I find it amusing that you named your username after a ride you have never rode before. Anyway, as the question states, it is an Arrow looping roller coaster, so yes, it does have a habit of, for lock of a better, term, "banging" your head back and fourth between the restraints in a couple of locations. If you're taller than the seat and restraint you shouldn't have a problem. Otherwise, try keeping a steady balance of leaning your head forward to avoid the problem. Especially look out during the corkscrews.
  2. Good thing this topic is still around, because just last night I had a dream that me and some friends got invited to ride the part of IJ:ST that was already done, because the ride was not completeted yet. We got on, and the cars were all different colors (the real train cars are only red and blue), like one was painted red and blue like the British flag. The cars stayed on the ground and just went around like we were riding the Scrambler.
  3. No way a coaster is going in after the additon of IJ:ST, except it's kiddy, which I still don't see the need to build a new coaster.
  4. Which concert? Third Eye Blind or Spears?
  5. I weight in at 150 lbs, i'm going to add little spark to the "sinking effect."
  6. Matchbox 20 New song: Misty Mountain Hop
  7. Highly doubt that ballot will pass. Gambling defined about the oppisite of family-friendly, and I highly dbout such a clean place as CP would add something like that. It's also technically against the Christian religion to gamble, and i'm sure they'll take that into mind.
  8. ^ Is an idiot for thinking someone who is registered on a PKI site hates PKI. < Loves classic rock and Survivor. V Likes modern rock better then classic rock
  9. The orange on the color scheme could defintely be replaced.
  10. I have Klockster. It's overrated, as it doesn't show much. Mainly Drop Zone and the basket ball games.
  11. Since it's a Colts fan forum i'm sure a lot of the people who post on the forum are from the Indiana area so a lot of them have probably been to PKI.
  12. No one even going to attempt mine? Again it's "There's a killer on the road. His brain is squirmin' like a toad." Hints: It's a song lyric, not an actual "quote." - Band is my second favorite all-time band. - Song is played in a popular video game.
  13. (I apologize if I put this in the wrong discussion but I really didn't know where to put it.) 2 seasons ago PKI had a concert featuring the alternative rock band Third Eye Blind. I used to be a very big fan of the band in the late 90s. I remember seeing advertisements at the park one day and I planned on going to the concert but something came up that day. So i'm just wondering if anyone saw it or was working that day?
  14. That Action Zone question may be the easiest question in history besides the Phantom Theater boat one.
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