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  1. They're pretty generic looking. No logos or markings on the bottom. They just say "I was crushed by The Bat" (or something to that effect) and "Kings Island" and they're crumpled looking. I'll have to upload a picture. I don't really collect KI stuff either. I do have a gum saver that my sister bought me in 1979 and a sweatshirt that I bought in 1986. I found a Scrappy Doo mug at a yard sale once. My son uses it everyday.
  2. My sister just brought me 4 Bat mugs that she found in a barn in Georgia. I tried to Google them but can't find out anything about them. I'm not really interested in their value but I'd like to know how many are floating around out there. Does anyone have any info on Bat souvenirs?
  3. Our trip went very well. We got there around 9:40 so we were able to get in early and walk on Millennium. We also walked on Mantis and Iron Dragon. I was really excited to ride a stand up again but because of my height, it was a pretty painful ride. I wasn't impressed with Iron Dragon and I won't ride it again. Next we went to Dragster. We had about a 30 minute wait (the park was open by that time and there were a lot of buses!) but it went by really fast. This was by far the best ride I've ever been on. Not a long ride but the rush is awesome! Next we rode Magnum (20 minute wait) and then Gemini. Waited about 30 minutes for Gemini. They were testing the cars so it was down for a few minutes. I really enjoyed the ride. So smooth compared to my beloved Racer. We stopped for lunch then rode Mean Streak. This ride was a walk on for us. It was rough but not as bad as I thought it would be. The line for Maverick was super long so we skipped it and went to Raptor. Around a 25 minute wait but I really liked it. By that time it was 3 so we went and checked into our hotel. We rested, had showers, and went back around 6. I took my camera so we skipped any thrill rides. Rode Giant Wheel and Sky Ride. Had supper and just walked around and enjoyed our night. Gone are the days when we could hit the park at 9 and run until close. Getting old sucks! A couple of things. I was prepared to pay extra for preferred parking but the parking lot was never crowded enough that we had to. The majority of vehicles were buses. My husband and I were 2 of the handful of adults that I saw all day. Nothing but high school kids but they were all very respectful and fun to be around. I feel like I was comparing CP to KI all day long so my experience wasn't a good as I thought it would be. I had a good time but not as much fun as I do at KI. It almost felt like I was being disloyal to my home park, if that makes any sense. LOL We went back Saturday night just to eat at Famous Dave's and the parking lots were packed. So glad that we went on Friday instead.
  4. Screamin Demon and King Cobra. I just rode Mantis at CP but it wasn't the same.
  5. Thanks for your input. Another couple of questions... I joined CP's Facebook page so I could keep up with what's going on in the park. A lot of the posters are angry because of 2 new additions this year: Fast Lane and Preferred Parking. Hasn't KI had both of those for awhile? And was the reaction as heated? I've never seen so many angry people. Also, I noticed that KI now has Fun Perks but CP doesn't. I wonder why all Cedar Fair parks don't have the same things.
  6. In my experience it's always better to get your passes processed before opening day. We usually go down in the evening and have around a 15 minute wait time. As far as crowds, one of our favorite times to go down is after 5 on a weekday. Usually the field trips leave around that time and the crowds die down. We have supper and ride a few rides. Some nights we spend the entire time in Planet Snoppy even though we don't have kids with us. LOL. You really get your moneys worth when you buy a season pass.
  7. I am thinking about getting the Platinum Pass and spending a few days of my vacation in Sandusky. I've never been to Cedar Point and I'm really excited. Has anyone here ever been and if so do you have any advice? I'm going on a Friday and Saturday in mid May.
  8. I went to Haunt years ago (around the time SOB opened). The crowds were horrible and the medical team had to transport my Dad to first aid. Worst experience ever and I vowed not to repeat it. Well, we had passes last year and went on the Saturday before Halloween. It was awesome. Got to ride 8 rides and 5 haunted attractions. I was glad that I gave it another try. What is exactly is the Fast Pass? Is it like @ Disney were they give you a time to come back? I honestly never knew that KI even had a fast pass option. Guess I'm not real observant.
  9. The last couple of years I went down in the evening before the park opened for the season. Last year I had maybe a 10 minute wait. As far as passes go, the Gold Pass is worth the extra $. It's really nice not having to pay for parking. If you live any where close to KI (I'm about 40 minutes away) you'll go often and the pass pays for itself after a couple of visits. A lot of times I go down on weeknights around 5 and have supper and ride a few rides. Most of the rides are walk-ons. Firehawk is probably the exception.
  10. I saw some of the skeletons when I went down a couple of weeks ago. MJ, Elvis, and (I think) Liberace. I honestly walked by too fast to even give them a second thought. What exactly are they using the live animals for?
  11. Six Flags KY Kingdom has Play Passes for $29.99. That includes admission to any Six Flags park for all of the 2010 season. My question is do you think it's worth it? I've never been to a Six Flags park but I checked out their site and I'd love to try some of their coasters. Plus, Chicago and St. Louis would be good weekend trips. I'd also love to go to New Jersey next summer and ride Kingda Ka. Does anyone have any input on any of those 4 parks? Thanks!
  12. LOL. Actually, I wanted to say Face Off. I hate the new names...
  13. We went down for my sister's company picnic on Saturday. We arrived about noon and the park was pretty packed. Since it was my first time to visit the park this season, Diamondback was first on my agenda. The wait was around 40 minutes but it was a fun ride and def. worth it. Unfortunatly my daughter got sick and so my sister and I had to drive her back to Dayton and turn around and go back to the park. We were gone about 2 hours and during that time my brother and BIL got to ride Vertigo and nothing else. It was one of those days where you bump into someone every time you turn around. Nick Universe was the worst!!!! I wasn't too thrilled that the entrance to DB was right next to it. Anyway, we had around a 15 minute wait for the Beast and Vortex and about 30 minutes for Drop Tower. MY BIL was too big for the safety belt to fasten and had to sit that one out. By that time it was around 6 and the park had really started to clear out. (Probably due to the OSU/USC game) We headed over to DB again and had about a 30 minute wait. I sat in the back of our car this time and enjoyed it a lot more. It also was dark by that time so the experience was better IMO. Our next stop was the Beast (a must ride in the dark) and we walked on. Then the Vortex again and it was about a 10 minute wait. By that time it was 9 and we started running. Between 9:15 and close we rode Flight Deck, Vertigo (we were the only people in line!) , and Drop Tower. We actually had time to ride Delirium but my sister was afraid. LOL. That brought our ride total to: DB-2 Beast-2 Vortex-2 Drop Tower-2 Flight Deck-1 Vertigo-1. Not bad for 8 hours on a busy day. I just want to add that the gaps between rides were because my sister and brother smoke and my brother and BIL were both stopping for beer breaks.(It's frustrating when you want to be on a ride) Also, my sister and I grabbed McDonalds on the way back down so I didn't have to pay any of KI's outrageous food prices. The wait for FOF was an hour and the wait for FH said that it was an hour but we talked to a girl one row over from us in the line and she said that she had been standing there for over 40 minutes already. She wasn't even half way through the queue. We passed on both of those rides.
  14. My kids go to a Dayton area high school and they started Aug. 22. Of course their school is new and has air so the heat didn't affect them. I do know that Dayton Public Schools got almost a week off because of the heat.
  15. LOL. I've said "never again" a few times but I keep getting back on. Most people like the ride so I'm curious about why you don't. I don't like it because it scares me and not in a good way. It's the only ride at KI that I feel that way about.
  16. I'd like to try Skylab as an adult. I know that when I was a teenager the thought of just sitting in that car with no harness freaked me out.
  17. That's so sad. A wave pool is really no place for a 4 year old.
  18. I can't remember what (if any) music that they were playing on the walk down to the ride. When I got off the ride I did notice that they were playing Playing With the Boys by Kenny Loggins. (one of my favorite scenes from the movie. :D )
  19. The last time that I went, we went in at 9 and waited behind the ropes on International Street until 10 when the rides opened. I liked it better when the ropes were further down. I always bought doughnuts from the bakery on the corner (now Starbucks) and waited behind the rope right by the restrooms in River Town and rode The Beast first.
  20. This topic reminds of something that my friends and I were talking about the other day. What old ride do you wish that KI would bring back and why? And what new ride do you think is a waste of time, money, space, or all of the above?
  21. I was almost too short. I'm only five feet tall and you had to be able to stradle the seat with your feet flat on the floor. It wasn't easy. King Cobra was a great (though way too short) ride. Something about the concept of standing while riding. The lines were always a nightmare too.
  22. I personally can't wait to ride SOB again. I don't want to be the first one to ride (gotta have a guinea pig) but I do want to. I'm really going to miss the loop though. :(
  23. What felt different to you? Last time we rode in the very back and we both commented on how different it felt. It wasn't the smooth ride that we're used to and when they hit the brake at the end I thought I'd gotten whiplash (not really). I've ridden in the last seat before but I don't remember it feeling that way.
  24. No sound? I bet it did suck. I gotta say that I really hate this ride. It just scares the crap out of me. It's probably the only ride in the park that I'm actually afraid to ride. I'm not sure why.
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