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  1. I'll take "Who runs this site" for $200. Just J/K couldn't resist. :D
  2. Good for you, not so good for us...........don't rub it in! :angry:
  3. Watching your friends face.........Priceless Adventure Express
  4. What do you guys think about the color scheme on this ride, one thing for sure shouldn't be able to miss it. :lol:
  5. I remember when the fountains used to be a part of the firework display.
  6. I couldn't imagine getting rid of the "Beastie" name, but then again I thought the flyers were here to stay :huh:
  7. I would have to say ............... don't get too attached to ghoster coaster.
  8. I think Scooby will be around for awhile since it belongs to Sally Corp.
  9. This ride will be missed in 05 and many years down the road. Of all the rides to be removed I thought this one would never be.
  10. They have had several good investments, but the installment of DZ and FO in 1999 was probably one of their best along with FOF in 1996.
  11. Can't argue with you there. I'd rather have something else that's not on the list.
  12. New for 2006 Dog Poop the Ride..................
  13. With the recent work done on the 1st part of the rose bowl it did make this ride more enjoyable, but it still has a long way to go and I know it's an ongoing process. I wish they would just replace those trains, it's hard on us tall folks!
  14. I really like IOA myself, but if I was going again this year I would be making a trip to BGT too for the new Sheikra ride.
  15. FOF, but it will always be outer limits to me.
  16. Until the trains are improved and the track as well on the SOB, I will have to stay with Daddy.
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