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  1. I'll second that.......no mistake it did open with six cars not five.
  2. Yes this coaster is a good one ride it every chance I get.
  3. Yes I have yet had the chance to make it to this park, The pictures look great on the coaster. Yes it would most likely knock my socks off! A 2006 trip.......I'm planning on.
  4. I know many people do not like this ride, I myself do think it is a great suspended coaster, if only they would have made this coaster about twice the length that it is.
  5. From what I can remember there was some fog in the queue line the section that is now sitting dormant. Most of the themeing is still in place in the queue line the posters, theme music, etc. the big billboard has been replaced over the years. The trains have remained the same but the track did indeed used to be red. When the train was dispatched there used to be a trail of fog to give it the sense of "take off" that is now long gone.
  6. I would have to agree on the overall health hazard. Mosquito's loved this water it was terrible.
  7. Don't get me wrong I love the rotation as well and thinks it adds to the overall excitement of the ride.
  8. Yes I know it doesn't rotate but I think that is another lesson they learned.
  9. I'd like them to retro - fit one like the one at PKD. It is a people mover, but they also had a different loading system as well which helped out. What was a hour + wait at PKI was around a 20 minute wait at PKD. I think they learned what not to do from PKI.
  10. Ah yes I saw ya Klockster!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'd have to go with drumroll......................PT
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