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  1. I don't see PKI being bought by anyone because it's value just keeps going up. If it is sold I see it being sold to CF orsome smaller company. No matter what happens it will still be Kings Island and I don't see it leaving anytime soon.
  2. This thread is made for Don because he wanted it... Hello from Japan, the land of Okinawa and ZERO coasters, BUT!, it is also the land of killer slides. After my trip over the Pacific Pond, Bussness class UPGRADE :D I am here on a tiny tropical island 100 miles south of Mainland Japan. Yesterday we went to "Drop slide park". The slide can be found in my Profile. Anywho... due to lack of DigiCam I can not show you the roller slide made out of thousands of tiny rollers. So that is Don's post from Japan he wanted. Skier
  3. No, low capacity, lots of problems, and the new S&S coasters would point to no way. But I would like to see one of the new S&S coasters come to Ohio.
  4. A flat is a flat. At least they changed the colors.
  5. I wish it was adjustable like the sandusky one.
  6. Skier

    Top Gun

    The Bat came before Vortex@PCW.
  7. Yea, before 10am and with a 30% chance.
  8. I know I didn't read it. And I was there for three hours, I could of gone into many little details but short is sweet.
  9. Well after speniding a few hours at the 24-Hour relay me, my cousin, and aunt all went down to KI, arrival time... 7pm. Of course we went to IJST and they just closed the lines. It seems to me ALL launched coasters have problems to start out with. So we went to the beast and rode rear right, te GOD seat. I was still disapointed by all the trims on the thing though. Not to mention the retards in front of us that we met again at vortex. There I saw SOGolf run after a loose basket ball, get it, then get a hand for the sprint he made. I then went to go chase a pickle with SB, rode Racer backwards, still say IJST was closed, and then SOB was closed. So We took a quick spin on Delirium and went home at 10, to only wake up at 4:30am to go back to the relay.
  10. Yea, they are gonna finish the store addition first.
  11. You mean non-arrow looking track. It is about time that S&S bought arrow getting rid of the outside ties.
  12. Skier

    Drop Zone

    Nah, it may of just seemed longer. New rides like that are 100% computer or 100% stop. Taking it of the program could really mess up the ride. Like before, the only way to stay up there is E-stop.
  13. Unless it is a heavy sleet and it is about 25 degrees it should still be open.
  14. Notice there was water on the lens before he exited the tunnel.
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