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  1. The Lion Country Safari Area, it had a Monorail that took you over a wild animal habitat. THis used to be in the Action Zone Area and where Adventure Express is now. The loading station was were the entrance is now to Top Gun.
  2. Well I know in May FOF was up and running, I think May 22... It was the day of Gold Pass bring a Friend, because my friend and his wife rode it. So if it is not running now it has stopped in the last 30 days??
  3. I think it is called "Dust on the Lens"
  4. The official hauned spots (or unofficial depending on who you ask) are International Street Restraunt, Coney Mall (by the was there is no security office in the Coney Mall area) and the Tower if I remember right. As far as Deaths and fountians, no one has died in International Street fountian, but two people died in the Oktoberfest Fountian. Top Gun is not haunted, but an employee did die in the Lion Country/Monorail ride area back in the day. It was a guy not a girl. As far as I know, no elephants are haunted... it is too new (Wild Thornberry's) to have ghost or other spectre to be attached with it. Unless it came with the elephant from where ever it used to be.
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