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  1. I've thought about using Qik to do live streams from KI, but never really found the right opportunity. Maybe I missed the bus by not doing it at the Soak City announcement. Did you do it from your phone?
  2. I think I Am A Rider is right. I had about 12 hours to make that whole looping video, so that whole night was a blur. lol I had just enough time to burn it to a DVD and get it to the park right before the A Kid Again riders got to ride.
  3. I'm actually the one who made the Diamondback queue video for the park. Yes - they're all the same songs. I was given a DVD with several dozen music videos to put between the safety videos. I probably have the entire video package on my other computer.
  4. We've been having the same problem with the front page on KIC since we upgraded. That's why I've been using the format that I've been using. Let me know if you figure this one out. I feel like I've tried everything. ;)
  5. I actually just spoke to Don a few hours ago. As mentioned above, Dani Swords gave notice to the company and left last week. They asked Don to help with the Intimidator debut and to help train her replacement. He mentioned that he could see Intimidator's lift hill from the window of his hotel room. :D
  6. Here's the latest... Ticket tax proposal has both sides lining up from the Middletown Journal ...and the sign of the times.
  7. If Mason City councilman Tony Bradburn has his way, it will cost you more money to attend Kings Island in 2010. An attempt to impose a 3-percent admissions and 5-percent parking tax was made at the most recent Mason City Council meeting November 9 without the park’s knowledge - and without your knowledge. Bradburn, chairman of Mason’s finance committee, has been a staunch advocate of higher taxes on businesses including the promotion of the admissions tax since joining council. To consider such an “anti-business” proposition in today’s economic climate makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. A final vote is expected on Monday, November 23. If the tax passes, increases will go into effect for the 2010 season. To voice your opinion on being assessed an admissions and parking tax when you visit Kings Island, attend the November 23 Mason City Council meeting held in the Mason City Building located at 6000 Mason-Montgomery Road. The open to the public meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm. Mason council can also be reached by phone at 513-229-8500 or via email at council@masonoh.org. Thank you for supporting Kings Island and other area businesses. We look forward to seeing you at the park in 2010. TELL MASON CITY COUNCIL THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO BE TAXED: User Tax - This is not a tax on Kings Island, it is a tax on Kings Island’s guests. For example, the average family that purchases their season pass this summer: - 4-pack of Regular Passes and One Parking Pass = $13.40 in additional taxes - 4-pack of Platinum Passes = $19.20 in additional taxes Bad for the Entire Area - Warren County’s #1 industry is tourism. This tax will create a negative effect that will be felt by other businesses in the area. This tax will be especially damaging to area hotels, restaurants, and service stations. Job Cuts and Future Investment - Fewer visitors will result in the elimination of full time and seasonal jobs at Kings Island and many other area attractions and businesses. Terrible Timing - With so many people struggling in this economy, this idea couldn’t come at a worse time. Many families and companies are forced to make cuts to survive the current downturn. Why should the city of Mason be an exception? Credibility Issue - A promise was made that an admissions tax would never be enacted when Kings Island was annexed into the city of Mason in 1997. What confidence can other business prospects have? Kings Island Employees Pay City Taxes - Park employees have paid nearly $440,000 to the city of Mason in income tax over the past two seasons. Kings Island Pays Police - Over the past two seasons, Kings Island has paid nearly $110,000 to cover the cost of Mason Police patrolling the park with no cost to the city of Mason. Bad for Kings Island - A forced price increase of any kind will have a strong, negative effect on overall attendance and revenues and could prevent further expansion and development. Far Less Traffic Now Than in 1997 - Kings Island entertains nearly 1 million less people each year than when it was annexed into the city of Mason. During that same period, the city of Mason has nearly tripled in size. IN THEIR OWN WORDS - RECENT QUOTES ON THE TAX DEBATE: Tony Bradburn, Mason City Council Member / Cincinnati Enquirer - Nov 10, 2009 "They'll survive." Tony Bradburn, Mason City Council Member / FOX 19.com - Nov 10, 2009 "We only need four votes to pass it." Greg Scheid, Kings Island General Manager / Dayton Daily News - Nov 11, 2009 "It's really disappointing. Mason's slogan is 'Your business partner,' and I don't feel like they're being a very fair partner right now." Northeast Cincinnati Chamber / Cincinnati Enquirer - Nov 12, 2009 “The economic impact on the area will be devastating, because even though visitors come for the attractions, they use many ancillary businesses while they are here. To consider such an “anti-business” proposition in today’s economic climate makes no sense.” Kate Storch, The Beach Waterpark / Cincinnati Enquirer - Nov 10, 2009 "The idea that they would introduce a tax like that today is just really hard to fathom. It's not what the city of Mason needs. It's not what we need to maintain our viability here." Ralph Vilarado, The Beach Waterpark / ONNtv.com - Nov 11, 2009 "Our attendance goes down and therefore as people come into the city of Mason, they don't just come visit us. They come visit all the other businesses. They support the hotel, they support the restaurants, the gas station" Dave Moushey, Mason Resident / Dayton Daily News - Nov 11, 2009 "It's not the time to start taxing people. People are hurting enough right now." In the News: Mason Proposes Amusement Park Taxes Kings Island, Chamber Vow to Fight Admissions Tax Kings Island Admissions Tax Proposed Mason Proposes Tax for Visitors to Kings Island NEC Chamber Opposes Mason Admissions and Parking Tax
  8. Upon further inspection, I believe you're absolutely correct.
  9. Very cool topic, Ty. I don't think the water wall effect that you originally posted isn't exactly the same one that Kings Island is using. The one in the video appears to actually form images with the droplets of water. I think the one at Kings Island is a semi-constant waterfall that has a complected series of lighting on the right and left side to project images onto the falling water. If you look at the balcony in the second photo posted above you can see the resonant light reflecting off the paint. If you click here, you can see another example of a "water curtain" as this manufacturer calls it. The same manufacturer also makes a product similar to the one you originally posted about called the Water Graphic. I haven't had the opportunity to get up close and take a good look at the thing for myself, but I think the first link more accurately depicts what they used in "Hot Blooded", just a much more toned down program for it. Does anyone have any insight on this?
  10. I don't know... Beyonce does have a pretty nice web site...
  11. You are correct -- there is no on-site registration. Please register by May 6th if you wish to attend.
  12. From the article: The above statement is not true.
  13. The grassy areas in front of each shop were to simulate a front lawn. Obviously this was before my time, but from what I've always heard they did an excellent job of making I-Street look more like an actual street instead of a midway. Unfortunately the grassy areas that I mentioned proved to be a tripping hazard and they were removed.
  14. Panda. I really enjoyed eating Panda and watching County Line last year.
  15. For those of you who are fans of Kings Island's shows, show performer Megan Dillan from County Line has submitted an original song of her own to a contest. Her original song is called "On My Way" and by visiting LisaNovaLive.com and voting for "Megan Dillon - On My Way" to cast your vote. Hurry! This contest only lasts for a few days!!! Megan's original song, "On My Way"
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