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  1. LOL. That would make days of thunder entertaining!
  2. LOL. Thats horrible, but funny! :P
  3. White water canyon is always a strange must for me. Mostly because the family im not fond of get soaked, lol. Other than that Adventure express is always a good ride to start the day with. Riding both of the racers are also a must!
  4. Cool, thanks for the help. I heard last year that they turned it into a universal studios type of event...... better bring an extra change of clothes, lol.
  5. Hopefully my family and I will make it down to PKI some time this year. At the very worst, we will be going down during Fearfest as the 27th is my b-day. I remember being down at fear fest once or twice, but is the park pretty busy during this event? If so, what is the least busy day/time? Thanks for the help guys!
  6. I'd hate to see it torn down. It's always the first thing you see as your entering the park, then the last thing you see as you exit. Tearing down SOB would be like Cedar Point taking down Magnum, Millenium force, top thrill dragster, ect...
  7. People have been saying that KI will be getting a new ride next season. My thought is that they may be putting in something like CP's skyhawk. Only a thought though, lol.
  8. My cousin saw it last year and said it was pretty fun. She compared it to ride, white and boom in Columbus....
  9. You can get good discouts at Kroger, AAA might also have some decent deals. Wyandot Lake is a fun park, but really sucks ducks when you compare it to KI. They have a coaster, but it's maybe the size of the Beastie(or now Fairly odd coaster).
  10. The only ride that I am not terribly fond of is Congo Falls. I will go on it once. I always feel like im going to fly out of the seat since they don't have any lap bars and such...
  11. Does anyone know which rides have the on ride photo booth? I know that Beast, Scooby and the flume have them....... which others?
  12. Wow, I didn't know both were on the same day. Talk about a bad day for PKI. It seems kind of creepy though....... both happening almost exactly together...
  13. I was on Cedar Points website today to look around and I noticed that they have a virutal ride experiance for most of their coasters. Pretty neat, even more so when you don't have the luxury of going to parks whenever you'd like. Do you think that Cedar Fair will add this feature onto Kings Islands website?
  14. My own thought is that it might just be optional by the park on what type of rides they want for their guests. Shake, rattle and roll is one of my faves at the park....... it gives you the feeling of the spider without getting stuck at top :blink: .
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