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  1. pkister

    Next pki ride

    For me it would be mother of beast! B)
  2. pkister

    pki was cool!

    No reply to this but emilypki!!
  3. pkister

    pki was cool!

    Emily wasnt pki+the beast fun!!!!1
  4. pkister

    Haunted King's Island

    The grave yard!!! Me and my fiends amber and emily or amberpki and emilypki went up on DZ and I said look over there and we could see graves and crap!! :unsure: :o
  5. pkister


    I just came home from pki and the sob looked like it was painted!! :blink:
  6. pkister

    Haunted King's Island

    Dude! I went up on DZ and I saw that!!! :o :blink: :unsure: :huh:
  7. pkister

    The End of FOF?

  8. pkister


    I never did get a chance to ride kc because my friends and I travel to theme parks all over the world. and only went to pki on vacations from travel, school, our band stuff like that I got to go to pki the day after kc closed for good!
  9. pkister

    The End of FOF?

    hopefully the park will improve I am going back in august to make a list of all the crappy stuff that needs fixed or replaced. and one thing I do know beast is staying all my friends tell me beast is going but its not.
  10. pkister

    Haunted King's Island

    no river ride is not haunted. but top gun is! I rode that and my friend was behind me and no one was beside me but at one part of the ride I looked over and saw a woman sitting next to me!