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  1. There have been rumors around KI that Cedar Fair is up for sale. Now I'm sure that there will be responses saying that this is absurd and they are not... however Dick Kinsel sent a memo to all employees saying that it is company policy not to comment on "speculation and rumors." He also stated that any changes will be announced to employees as soon as possible. These rumors are so big that the CEO of the company sent a memo to all Cedar Fair parks? At any rate, sources (who shall remain anonymous) say Cedar Fair already went on the market, and the offer was later taken off the table. The reasoning behind this is that Cedar Fair, when it acquired Paramount Parks, got in over their heads financially. Shares dropped and profits were and are currently not as expected. They put it on the market to see how much the company could go for. Regardless, there may be changes for the company in the future. Sorry if this topic has already been brought up but more information can be found here: Cedar Fair Comments on Reports of Sale to Destiny Capital NY Post Article
  3. The announcement of the new ride will be Saturday, 2.3.07.
  4. Major new steel coaster since vortex??? What about FOF? Face/Off? Top Gun? What the hell is MAJOR?
  5. I saw a crane being towed out of PKI today around 2:00pm. It was exiting through the employee entrance, and if you look at where the old picnic grove was (granted it's still there) a dump truck is parked outside. Not sure if it's anything significant, but just pointing it out.
  6. They can easily clear land, and level it for X-Flight it they needed to. Also, to whoever asked where I get my banners for the signature, I can't remember. Some other people have them in their profiles, though. Sorry.
  7. It will not be open at the beginning of the 2007 season.
  8. He's talking about thruout the normal season. PKI used to have more then 1 show during the summer season. Let me simplify this... the beginning of the season, budgets were cut, no? Notice at the time Paramount cut the budget, we immediately lost "Magician's Meyhem" blah, blah, blah. Of course we had shows for fearfest, Cedar Fair owned us. Look... all I'm saying is that our shows were cut, and we only had one running full-time through the season; unlike previous seasons (aside from the parade, which is not a show for PKI but for Paramount Parks in general). Needless to say, call me wrong all you want. But those who say, "those who know don't talk" are wrong. This is no secret, it's just not something they're going out of their way to advertise. Think about it.
  9. Who said anything about School of Rock? I was referring to shows in general. We had one show this season... one. We're getting them back, however, they will be different.
  10. I can tell you what Kings Dominion is getting... Boomerang Bay. Pretty sure I've said it before, but just reiterating. As for PKI.... I've said it once, and I'll say it again, shows. Check my previous posts about what we're getting... am I ever wrong? Hmmmm?... Point in case below from the rumors of the 2006 season:
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