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  1. Well now, this is quite a change. This is my 1st time to say hello to this page for a very long time. I must agree Interpreter, the parks are going to need to come up with clever ways to make many people come to the conclusion that a visit this year is worth the money. Because to many, it had better be. I would like to ask you a question that perhaps you would know the answer to. I am not trying to start any kind of a panic, because through this situation, the management is clearly taking early action. However, I do have a very reliable source who has worked at the park for years, and has earned a position equivalent to an area manager. ( assuming that Cedar Fair still upholds this title. ) This year, he returned his hire packet, had a brief interview with his department, which I will not name here, and was given a start date. Upon his arrival, he was sat down by human resources representatives as well as a couple of the resale office managers and was told that due to immediate circumstances his position and his application would be on hold, and held for future consideration. He informed me in a phone conversation that his first question was whether or not if it had anything to do with his background, or the previous years termination, in which case both should have been fine. He was told that the answer was no, it in fact had nothing to do with him at all. He was then informed that the park was to cease the position for all applicants due to factors involving the departments budget. This is a returning associate of many years, with an excellent background and a Four year degree from Miami University of Ohio. So here is the question. Where does Cedar Fair truly stand this year, financially, when they must cease positions before the park is even open for operation? Please do not take offense to the question. And understand that I see it as a potential sign of things to come throughout the operating season, however I am hoping that I am wrong.
  2. I have a feeling that Cedar Fair knows all too well what they are doing. When I came to visit the park last week for the first and due to WinterFest's cancellation ( now my only time ) this season, I could not help but to notice an all too familiar site. The Son of Beast stuck up on a lifthill. I've got pictures of this thing being stuck up there before. And despite the fact that Cedar Fair knows better than most, my opinion still differs from their current actions taken. Let's assume that this ride IS actually fixed in the immediate area involving the incident with the ride this year. If the coasters history says anything, it is very simply put "history repeats itself" The ride will faulter again. Maybe not in the same area. But next year, by this point in the year, the ride will most likely ( for some reason or another ) be sitting on that lifthill, AGAIN, like it has a long sad history of doing each and every year. I hate deforestation. After all, I am a naturalist. And I know that this is virtually impossible, but tear the thing down, and use the salvagable wood to construct a slightly smaller ( but more dependable ) wooden coaster that would not necessarily be shooting for records, but be aiming instead at being both safe and fun. Or more realistically, just tear the thing down, and let it join beetle, bat, scooby's ghoster coaster, King Cobra, and demon in the parks hall of shame. :lol:
  3. That reminds me that when I had to go over the the campground a couple of years ago ( before they ever started to tear it down ) they actually had trash cans with the old style Kings Island Logo still on them. I will bet that these were trashed when the campground came down. It's a shame too. Because I asked if I could buy One when I first saw them.
  4. It was Jason Priestley. The show featured a behind the scenes look at the "Phantom Theatre." It also featured the rainbow entrance to Hanna Barbera Land, the Beastie, Vortex, the Beast, Coney Mall, A.C.E., Water Works, The Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad, the fireworks, Hanna-Barbera characters, and it really shows the true difference between what the park was before Paramount really started to make changes. I still have this episode on tape, and have recently transferred it to D.V.D for personal viewing.
  5. Hey, it could be a blessing in disguise that this happened under Cedar Fair's ownership. Had it happened under Paramount, it would have most likely been a half a@# quick fix job. But under Cedar Fair, I think it will be handled in a much more appropriate and professional manner. Even if ( in time ) it means the ultimate sacrifice for the ride.
  6. Yes, Paramount has been slowely killing Kings Island like a parasite since their original purchase of the park. They killed Winterfest....Brought it back in 05! Wow...WINTERFEST should never have had to come back to begin with. Flying Eagles, Flight Commander, King Cobra, Hanna Barbera Land, The Old Time Cars, Wild Animal Habitat, DESCENT SHOWS THAT ACTUALLY TRULY ENTERTAINED THE AUDIENCE, INTERNATIONAL STREETS INTENDED PURPOSE, the large Log Flume, being able to go the park without being constantly reminded of the outside world through the use of annoying televisions, giant movie posters, the name Paramount printed on everything within 5 feet ( seemingly ), and naming every ride after mostly movie flops. This owner also took magnificently themed areas and ripped them to shreds to the point that they are no longer themed. So yes, it is true that Paramount has literally destroyed all of the value that KINGS ISLAND (without the P) once had. Cedar Fair has a lot of work to do. But I think that they are probably the right company to do it. Although it will probably take years to undo all of the damage that Paramount did to the park. M.F.
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