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  1. I agree with you... Although Cedar Fair hasnt completed the themeing of the ride yet, I would rather have an intense thrill ride than a so-so mild ride with heavy themeing (which was the only good part of TRTR).
  2. While all of that may be true... 1 - The other row is also expected to return from what the Cedar Fair official stated... 2 - The ride is completely amazing. Themeing will return, I think that the ride makes up for the loss of the Tomb Raider themeing, while it was a good marketing technique, it lost its pizzaz when the movie hype ended. The Crypt name definately fits the ride now. 3 - Also, a pre-show is expected to return in an al new format, this also was addressed by the Cedar Fair official. He stated many positive things about the future of The Crypt and updating themeing of other rides (aka Flight of Fear!!) I think that Cedar Fair has changed the park in the best way!! :)
  3. It's NOT DONE!! What we were doing today was being "test dummies". Inside the ride was an official from Cedar Fair. We talked to him about everything. It will be completed soon. They were trying out the programing throughout the day on different riders making sure it was up to par with other Cedar Fair thrill rides. All i can say is FANTASTIC. Tomb Raider was awful, and now The Crypt will become a signature attraction at Kings Island. They are planning on adding the water and fire back onto the ride, they have to perform the tests needed to operate the ride fully! Job well done Cedar Fair!!
  4. I expect that will come in the next few year.
  5. Yeah, besides Kings Island, Carowinds really needs a new coaster to bump it up some in ranking...it really is a great park...it just needs some updates...
  6. http://www.rcdb.com/pictures/picmax/six-fl...kingda-ka49.jpg Everyone keeps saying that Top Thrill Dragster is starting to look horrible with the paint fading and things...but look at Kingda Ka...Dragster has been up since 2003, Kingda Ka has only been up since 2005...
  7. I think that all of the Cedar Fair Parks should have wooden GCI coasters installed. I love the Thunderhead at Dollywood, and this new coaster seems to be like another #1 Wooden Coaster! Although Kings Island has The Racers, Fairly Odd Coaster, The Beast and Son of Beast. I think that a GCI Wooden Would Be A Great Addition. It could be placed in a cool area like behind Tomb Raider, and be themed to match it somehow.
  8. It depends on how much they slow it down...Colossos, The worlds second fastest wooden coaster is 74.5mph, Son of beast is 78.4 according to www.rcdb.com. As Long as they don't slow it down to 74.5, then it can still stay the fastest wooden coaster in the world. :)
  9. I agree, Son of Beast is one of the best the park has ever built! I would miss the ride if it were gone. I would look forward to them redoing the ride somehow though.
  10. I was wondering if anybody had a RollerCoaster Tycoon 2/3 recreation of Dollywood yet? I really would like to see one. That would have awsome scenery. :)
  11. My favorite is Drop Zone....I love the way up the tower, it seems like it will never end!! :)
  12. Has Anyone noticed how Paramount's have taken parks like Great America and removed rides, yet never added more to replace them??? I can imagin how frustrated Great America guests must have been when they took out 2 coaster back-top-back. I am just glad that this is the last year with Paramounts.
  13. I have ridden Trokia at Cedar Point, but not a Kings Island. Is it the same ride? If it is then I am going to have to ride it at Kings Island next time I go.
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