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  1. What were the awards for the Scavenger Hunt??? (im just wondering...)
  2. I saw that u were building DZ... cant wait to see it! :lol:
  3. COKE MACHINES ROCK! lol :lol:
  4. I have to go with PKIDelirium! Yours is way better than sythdude's! By the way, are you makin a recreation of PKI on rct3 like MrPKI?
  5. cool! :D i would like to see an on-ride video of Screamin' Demon
  6. a museum would be awesome... but i think they should make a new area and build all the old rides!!!but that would be nearly impossible <_<
  7. right! you can never forget the soda machines! lol :lol:
  8. well... i dont care anymore so im fine with that...
  9. and when will that update be finished??? :blink: by the way, great job on recreating pki on rct3!!! :)
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