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  1. Sad. Very sad indeed, but excited for what the future may bring. Here is my favorite shot I've taken of Vortex...
  2. ^Agreed. I sure as hell hope KI does ANYTHING but blow ~$25 million on one of those sleeping pills known as a "Bolliger and Mabillard Wing Roller Coaster". Gatekeeper - never did I think a ride could deliver so well in the aesthetics department, but so poorly in the excitement department... Thankfully enough, if I had to guess we'll get a Giga for 2020. Unfortunately it's not going to be by Intamin... However, a B&M Giga I think will still be pretty good.
  3. Arrow is defunct. However, S&S is the company that overtook it and is the one that have been selling replacement parts to all parks that wish to keep their Arrow coasters.
  4. I saw them with my own eyes last night... Not a good thing... It was stacking up like baseball cards in my closet yesterday... There has never been an ejection on a B&M hypercoaster... My only reaction: B&M's are just too darn safe to be doing this!
  5. Remember, bigger does not mean better. Maverick is only 105 ft tall yet it's my favorite steel coaster. Just because companies like Mack, Gerstlauer, and Premier aren't making the largest rides in the world doesn't mean they can't be almost as thrilling as an Intamin. Have you seen rides like Blue Fire at Europa Park, Helix at Liseberg, The Smiler at Alton Towers, or even Sky Rocket at Kennywood? All of these coasters look like they could rival the intensity of an Intamin blitz or mega-lite... Sure Kings Island might never get that Intamin giga or strata you've always been wanting but
  6. Even if Don doesn't know what's exactly in the plans for the next 5-10 years at Kings Island, I still highly doubt that Cedar Fair is going to go with Intamin for as long as they own KI. The failures and excessive downtime have been over-piling for Intamin last year. El Toro, I305, STR, and now even Girafica at HW. The evidence to not go with Intamin and the evidence to go with B&M and other companies is overwhelming, and that's not even counting the regular day-to-day downtime and high maintenance costs that rides such as TTD, Maverick, and others that they still have to always deal with
  7. The rails look too skinny and frail to be able to support a coaster train and the paint looks too faded to be for any new ride.
  8. Not a fanboy. Trust me, I still love Intamin and they will always be my favorite company, BUT... There comes a point where you just have to accept what the Cedar Fair wants to build at Kings Island and enjoy it for what it is, and Banshee IS a very good ride... Now would I take a solid Intamin over it instead? Of course, but that doesn't mean I can't love a good B&M when it comes our way. Don himself has said that "no Intamins are in the plans" for Kings Island anytime soon, so I think it's safe to say that Kings Island may never have an Intamin roller coaster, or at least as l
  9. http://youtu.be/gHTdpfMpq24 Some footage taken by me on Media Day. http://youtu.be/-eYIzik8eTs Some more footage...
  10. Don't know whether you're being sarcastic or not but I can assure that is not INTAMIN track.
  11. Banshee is anything but forceless and anything but cookie-cutter... I've ridden it 8 times so far and can honestly say that the pacing is excellent and that both of the positive and negative g's on Banshee are great... The second vertical loop and helix finale are particularly forceful for the fact that you can actually feel the blood rush to your toes. The zero g-roll (my favorite part) gives a nice floating sensation. Genesis (aka YoungStud) you should give it a try. It may look like it's forceless because of how "drawn-out" it looks, but the high speeds compensate for that!
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