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    I know a lot about Kings Island. When I say a lot, I mean a lot, past or present. I will not reveal who I am or how I know so much about Kings Island. If you have any questions about Kings Island I will answer them but I cannot guarentee it to be in a timely fassion. I also will not hesitate to correct anything incorrect said about Kings Island. I do not wish to be rude or offend anyone if I do this.
  1. thex-factor

    Tomb Raider

    You couldnt be more wrong.
  2. thex-factor

    Top Gun

    That wouldnt work very well considering Top Gun's layout is completely contoured to the terrain. All of firehawks footers start at the same ground level, Top Gun's are all over the place due to the ravine it is built in. It would never work and it would look rediculous if they tried.
  3. thex-factor

    Eiffel Tower lights?

    As I recall there were originally lights and a fountain in that pond, the fountain still resides because if there is not moving water the pond will start to grow scum. The lights supposedly had a short somewhere due to exposed wires causing this incident. Following the incident the lights were removed. That was a terrible day, the first incident happened and they just shut down that section of the park, then when the next incident occured, they shut the park down entirely.
  4. thex-factor

    Old Pki History Question Of The Day!

    I agree I dont think they've ever preformed at KI.
  5. thex-factor

    Fire units called to Kings Island

  6. thex-factor

    Eiffel Tower lights?

    Actually Black sunday was on June 9, 1991.
  7. thex-factor

    Have you been to a non PKI park this year?

    Holiday World, CP, and PKI already. Plan on knobles, kennywood, dorney, hershey, dollywood, and sfga for this summer.
  8. thex-factor

    Eiffel Tower lights?

    You're right^ They were used in winterfest for changing the color of the eiffel tower. Whether or not they will be used during the season is yet undetermined.