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  1. Simple. What is Kings Island's ultimate place to eat? The Chicken Shack, or Panda Express?
  2. I doubt it. It's been almost 3 years since this was posted... That's longer since when the Chicken Shack opened.
  3. Appreciate the love for the Chicken Shack. It truely is a fantastic place to eat!
  4. Banshee is a fantastic roller coaster! No doubt! And we can't forget about Chicken Shack, it was surely a huge step in the right direction for Kings Island!
  5. I went again tonight. I forgot to get chicken shack, but I tried out Juke Box Diner and it was pretty good.
  6. I'm not sure. I admit Banshee was incredible, but so was the chicken. I don't think I can decide. But I also got the new All Season Dining Plan so I can have Chicken Shack anytime I want!
  7. I mainly went for the chicken, but I took a few rides on Banshee as well. And wow. That chicken is pure enjoyment. The Chicken Shack has to be one of the greatest additions in Kings Islands history. The chicken is hand battered, delicious, tender. Even the bread is nice and garlic. The Chicken Shack is flawless.
  8. I will be going tomorrow to try out the new Chicken Shack restraunt.
  9. I might go to Kentucky Kingdom IF they open up a crew chicken restraunt.
  10. If Banshee had free Chicken Shack coupons when you got off, nobody would care about the lack of a skyline impact. I still think it was a bad move not to do the coupons.
  11. I'm kind of upset it wasn't the chicken buffet I thought it would be... Oh well, looks like a nice show.
  12. I think they should rename Drop Tower Chicken Tower because the Chicken Shack is opening up so it would be a good fit.
  13. I have my fingers crossed the new chicken is hand battered.
  14. I think the colors of The Bat are nicer than the colors of Face Off and Sling Shot IMO.
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