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  1. Those yellow parts are probably the Windseeker evacuation platform pieces. Cedar Point's is right by their Windseeker behind the old Oceana stadium and both pieces are yellow. As for 2014 couldn't this be an invert? Before anyone says that area already has two hanging coasters why put another in the same vicinity, take into consideration that Invertigo could have the possibility of being relocated to another park in the future (Valleyfair perhaps) since they moved Invertigo from California's Great America to Dorney. Who knows how much longer Flight Deck has since suspended coasters have b
  2. I took advantage of the Gold Pass early rides today and got two rides on Windseeker. It's an okay ride, I didn't think it was boring as the views are really cool up from up there plus you're spinning at a decent rate of speed. Looking down on Vortex, Racer, and part of The Beast (you can see the long shed section of the ride perfectly from up there) was a bit unnerving at first until you got used to the height.
  3. Either way Cedar Fair can't keep letting the ride sit there and rot. I've read nothing but great reviews on the Texas Giant re-do that given the sheer size of SOB they have an opportunity to turn a not-so-stellar ride into something stellar.
  4. 1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2. Hersheypark 3. Six Flags Great America 4. Kings Island 5. Six Flags St. Louis
  5. I will more than likely not make it for opening weekend but I am looking forward to just being in the park again after a long winter.
  6. Don't expect Cedar Fair to go all out on theming, as history has proven, though I kind of like the idea of a flume/water coaster with a prehistoric theme to it. The lines for Kings Mill Log Flume/Race For Your Life are always long and a second flume ride would definitely help, especially since the park removed Keelboat Canal. If it is going to be a water ride I hope they go with Mack instead of Intamin. Not sure if they got all the kinks worked out of Shoot The Rapids.
  7. ^Okay, this shows that the actual ride will be farther back than I had originally thought. The actual Flight Commander spot still would have been a better location since it is relatively the deadest spot in Coney Mall (if you also include the closed up refreshment stand that sits next to the FC site). The next question is will CF decide to close and remove Action Theater? Based on the photo above it seems that it will practially be at the entrance to the attraction.
  8. I am very happy to see them giving some love to Flight Deck. I just hope it will be a good color scheme if they decide to not retain the current colors. I don't know about bees, and not to get off topic, but on my October visit they had guests use the lower level of the Eiffel Tower due to wasps on the upper level.
  9. Well, that's news. Coney's midway pavement was looking like it was needing replacment soon.
  10. I thought the exact same thing. Would it be so hard to just remove the trees and transplant them elsewhere in the park? These particular trees by Vortex were still rather young. My two visits this year were great but it seems KI is getting more open, i.e. Action Zone open, and that is not how KI should be.
  11. I have never seen so much drama as what has transpired over these past 2.5 to 3 years since GL closed. It is very frustrating to see this classic just sit there and rot. There is a LOT more to this story that needs to be revealed.
  12. It's all about marketing and keeping people interested in the park.
  13. I don't get it. If KI wasn't getting a new ride you'd be complaining. KI gets a new ride and you're complaining. The park lacks in flat rides and this one will help fill that void. It's being placed in an area that desperately needs something new. You don't think looking down on Vortex from that high up wouldn't be thrilling? The only thing I don't understand is that both Ohio parks are getting this at the same time.
  14. This won't be an upcharge. They don't have big announcements regarding upcharge attractions. The Wind Seeker is a large capacity ride unlike the Funtime Starflyers. I had the same thought that it should go where the Flight Commander/Turbo Bungy used to be.
  15. Makes me wonder if CF is either moving CP's rumored ride due to the news leak (i.e. like what happened with Demon Drop going from Knott's to Dorney) or if they indeed bought a fourth ride. It will be odd to have something higher than the Eiffel Tower at the park.
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